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Category: All about the Boats
Sub-Category Description
Gear for the Boat Messages about gear for the boat; electronics, windvanes, autopilots, solar panels, favorite ground tackle setups.
In the Yard Discussion on issues for painting, refitting, and restoring our boats.
Sail Plan Discussions on issues of sails, trim, and handling, etc.
The Iron Genny Discussion about issues specific to engines.
Westsail 28 This topic is for Westsail 28 owners to read and post messages specific to their boats.
Westsail 42/43 Discussions related to these models of Westsails
Westsail General Discussion Discussion of general Westsail topics.
Category: Rendezvous
Sub-Category Description
Chesapeake Info about the Chesapeake Bay Rendezvous, held annually
Florida East / West Coast Info about the Rendezvous on both Florida coasts
Florida East Coast Info about the Florida East Cost Rondezvous, annually held in the Cape Canavaral area in April
Florida West Coast Info about the Florida West Coast Rendezvous, usually held annually in the Tampa Bay area
Hawaii Info about the Rendezvous in Hawaii
North East Coast Info about the Rendezvous on the north half of the East Coast
Northern California Info about the No. Calif. Rendezvous, usually in October in the San Francisco Bay area
Other Locations Info about the Rondezvous for Great Lakes, Texas, or elsewhere
Pacific NorthWest Info about the Pacific Northwest Rendezvous, usually around Labor Day
Southern California Info about the So. Calif. Rendezvous, always in the spring
Category: Westsailing the World
Sub-Category Description
Cruising Information and Destinations Topics and information on anything related to cruising destinations.
Racing / Rally with Westsails Members Racing and Rally information and results.
Singlehanded Sailing Tips Tips and discussion of singlehanded sailing techniques.
Category: WOA Classifieds
Sub-Category Description
For Sale Members may list their presailed boats, slightly used gear, and anything else they wish to sell in this topic.
Group Buys Need to purchase and expensive piece of gear? Perhaps you are not the only one. Why not use the power of group purchasing to save yourself and others lots of money. Post your message hear and see if others are in need of the same thing.
Looking to buy Want adds. Need gear? Looking for the perfect boat? Place a message here and let the Westsail world know what you are looking for.
Category: WOA Organization
Sub-Category Description
Announcements Announcements pertaining to the message board, web site, and the WOA. (Read only)
Ask Bud Questions or topics posted for Bud Taplin to reply directly to. This topic is open for anyone who wishes to participate in an open forum with Bud.
New Web Site Discussion of things to include in the new WOA website.
Questions about the WOA Questions about the WOA, membership, or the website here.
Welcome Aboard Introductions to fellow members, existing and new members.
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This site is provided as service to Westsail Owners by Jack Webb on Westsail 32, Hull #438, at http://HighSeasDrifter.net,
This site is provided as service to Westsail Owners by  Jack Webb (s/v Drifter, Westsail 32, Hull #438)