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Thread: "Florida Marinas"

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Florida Marinas


We will be cruising next winter from Maine to Florida. We are looking for a decent town to hold up for a month or so in Florida in the middle of winter. Hoping to find something between St Augustine to Ft Lauderdale. We will want to be at a marina for about a month during that time. Can anyone recommend a marina that is "affordable", close to food, laundry & services, clean, and friendly.




Don't kown the specifics; just the general area, check out the Canaveral area. Many great places, several marinas, good anchorages, close to boating supplies and towns.

Don't know about prices but most places in Florida think they're 5 star so expect they'll be higher than you want.


I blew my alternator coming out of St. Augustine. Stopped in Port Orange (south of Daytona) at the Seven Seas Marina. I remember their transient rate as being affordable. At $7/ft. for full-time, it is cheap by florida standards. Reasonably close to stuff, also. Plus, Pat's is on site - a great greasy spoon w/ the best bacon and eggs.

It is more of a yard, though, than a "marina". The docks were sufficient and sturdy, but if you are looking for amenities (pool or lounge) look elsewhere.

Their work shed had "Pooh Bear" painted on it (amongst many others), so you could check some of the old Windblowns for their log and see if they mention it.

Getting there might not be as easy as the marinas in Canavaral. Ponce Inlet is close, but of questionable condition. Ask Mike Dougan, who told me he "bumped" a couple of times going out Ponce. I didn't try it.

For reference, St. Augustine is a good day motoring on the ditch.

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