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Thread: "2007 Rendezvous Planning"

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2007 Rendezvous Planning


This is a general call for local Rendezvous coordinators to step up! In the spirit of keeping the WOA alive and well, I?ve volunteered this year to be the official WOA Rendezvous coordinator. My husband and I are about to launch our W28 after a 5-year rebuild project and I guess I got so carried away with the idea of kicking-back and relaxing with fellow Westsail owners that I volunteered to help organize the parties! This year the WOA will support local coordinators with their choice of $200 towards festivities or $200 worth of Westsail logo gear for door-prizes. We can also make additional gear available for a merchandise table. So I?m currently ordering some great Westsail logo gear (t-shirts, polo-shirts, hats, etc.). I?m hoping to encourage anyone who can muster?2 boats and a six pack? to keep the spirit alive and organize a get-together. The WOA will offer ideas, moral support, help with getting the word out and a little financial support ($200 mentioned above, in lieu of gear if you prefer). Plus don?t forget w Bud has graciously helped with mailing lists and label in years past, and has tried to attend most Rendezvous in years past as a great resource and guest-speaker.

Here are some ideas for a great weekend for would-be local coordinators to start planning:
1) Friday Night/Saturday morning: Most Rendezvous have a check-in Table of some sort. Not all, but some prior Rendezvous have collected a check-in fee, and I personally don?t think collecting say $20 per boat as a check in fee to cover refreshments (coffee, donuts, beer for the pot-luck, etc.) would be out of line. If most folks will be checking in Saturday, you may want to limit Friday night to cocktails on the dock or on a couple of host-boats for people to start getting to know each other rather than a formal dinner.
2) Saturday Morning: Boat visiting. Even if nothing else were planned, I?m pretty confident that most Westsailors would be happy spending the entire weekend drinking on each others boats and checking out the different layouts/gear/finishes and generally just socializing and sharing experiences or?telling sea-stories and bragging?, so don?t forget to set aside some time for this. Keeping a good supply of coffee brewing at a central location on the dock would be nice. Some folks have rented large coffee makers for the occasion. If Bud is available, it seems he?s done mini-surveys as he?s visited boats (I think he works for beer).
3) Saturday Afternoon: some prior get-togethers have organized a friendly race or group sail. Others have pointed folks in the direction of some local tourist attraction. One novel idea I really liked was a mini swap-meet for owners to sell or trade surplus gear. Other folks had a for sale or trade posting area at the check-in table.
4) Saturday night: Potluck at the dock/beach or yacht club seems to be the easiest. Have a sign-up sheet for various dishes at the check-in table. The potluck can be combined with the?official? meeting. And it seems to add something to have a pre-organized speaker presenting on some topic (sail handling, anchoring, etc.) or a fellow boat owner showing slides of some adventure. But really, if you can?t come up with a speaker, I?m sure no one will miss it, just have some extra beer around and maybe plan an activity, I haven?t seen anyone try a talent-contest yet but why not?. The?official? meeting part can be concluded with door-prizes or prizes for furthest traveled to attend, or lamest excuse for not bringing their boat, etc.
5) Sunday morning? again coffee and donuts and boat visiting for goodbyes should be the most taxing thing on the agenda. For some Rendezvous, planned over long weekends, this is the day that group sails, dinghy racing or sight-seeing has filled out the day. Leaving a more relaxed schedule on Saturday.

Anyone considering organizing a local rendezvous should check out Bud?s piece in the Fall 2003 Windblown for some inspiration, to quote him?Everyone goes away with new ideas as to fitting out their boat, information on cruising areas they have not been to, new friendships made and old ones renewed, and a sense of the camaraderie associated with these unique sailboats.? I also encourage would-be coordinators to start posting on the WOA Website under the appropriate local area Rendezvous thread to start getting a feel for whose interested in attending in your area, and better yet helping out by manning a merchandise table or hosting some portion of the weekend?s activities. Please contact me for help, contact lists, ideas and encouragement at well as to organize logo-gear. Also I would love input from prior organizers. Regards, Colleen Crystal. colleen@westsail.org

Bud Taplin

The Northwest Westsail rendezvous is already in the organizing stage. Dave and Kay Minton, who organized last years rendezvous at Poulsbo, have graciously consented to once again organize this years rendezvous at Poulsbo. It will be held on August 25-26, the weekend before Labor Day, due to conflict of space available at the docks over Labor Day weekend. Info will be sent out later on this rendezvous.


Great News!
Dave and Kay, please get in touch with me when
you're ready and I'll send out some gear if I can't make it up there myself. My dad is in Vancouver, B.C. and I was hoping to combine a visit to him with the Rendezvous!

Bud Taplin

I just mailed out the flyers for the Northwest rendezvous. If you do not get one in about a week or so, contact me.

Terry Shoup

Who's hosting?


Rendezvous 2007 in Poulsbo, WA

Hosted by Dave and Kay Minton
W32 #660 Gryphon

For those interested in a CRUSE-IN to the Rendezvous from Birch Bay with scheduled stops coming South arriving in Poulsbo on Friday or would like to CRUSE-BACK North as a group after the Rendezvous, Please contact Dennis Martin by e-mail dennis_martin(at)comcast.net

Friday, August 24

Arrival at South side of?E? Dock to register and check in. Dinner at a local restaurant possibly?That?s A Some Italian Restaurant? across from the pier. We will need numbers.

Saturday, August 25

Coffee and Donuts in the Poulsbo Marina Club House (on a floating barge at the head of the pier. We have reserved the space for the weekend.

Schedule your mini-survey with Bud Taplin from Worldcruiser Yacht Co.

13:30 - 17:00 Gather at the public library meeting room. Bring your pictures, stories, or lessons learned for the group to enjoy. Have your pictures loaded on a CD or VHS tape. We have arranged for a computer projector and a computer. Does anyone need a VHS projector?

18:00 Potluck dinner in the Marina Club House followed by Wine tasting for adults and a movie for the kids aboard Mysticeti (WS 42).

Sunday, August 26

Coffee and Donuts in the Club House.

9:00? 12:00. Breakfast at one of the many restaurants or bakeries downtown.

Noon Visit boats and show off your boat. Visit downtown Poulsbo.

Monday, August 27

Coffee and Donuts in the Club House.

Bon Voyage all day.


Please contact Dave Minton at mintondc(at)adelphia.net if you plan to attend. We need an accurate count of how many boats will be coming and for what days, as soon as possible to ensure sufficient slips are available.

Send a check for the first night?s moorage of $20 for W 28/32?s and $25 for W 42/43?s to Dave Minton at 15980 N.E. Lindsey Lane, Poulsbo, WA 98370. Make the check out to Dave Minton. The Marina requires one group check so Dave will try to be the banker. You will also have an additional charge of $3.00 a day for power.

For those who will be driving here, there are several good hotels/motels in the area as follows:

Holiday Inn Express
19801 7th Ave NE
Poulsbo, WA
1 360 697-2119

Poulsbo Inn
18680 State Hwy 305 NE
Poulsbo WA
1 360 779-3921

The Murphy House Bed & Breakfast
425 NE Hostmark St
Poulsbo, WA 98370
1 360 779-1600


Arriving on Puget Sound from Seattle or North:

Turn west in Port Madison Bay, continuing west in Agate Pass under the Agate Bridge (75 ft. clearance), then north passed Keyport Torpedo Station into Liberty Bay. Note: You should time your entrance into Agate Pass to be on a flood or near slack water as you can. The max. ebb is pretty hefty about 6 knots. The Port of Poulsbo is at the northeastern end of the bay.

Arriving on Puget Sound from South of Seattle:

Sail northwest through Rich Passage, then north on Agate Passage to Keyport Torpedo Station then into Liberty Bay. The Port of Poulsbo is at the northeastern end of the bay.


From south of Seattle:
Take Hwy 16 north from the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. In Bremerton take Hwy 3 north to the Poulsbo, Finn Hill Exit. Turn right at the stoplight and continue straight through the next stop light at Viking Ave, then the street turns into Lindvig Way. Follow it as it bears right and turns into Front Street, which leads you along the waterfront into town. Take a right at the first stop sign and you will be in the parking lot adjacent to the Marina.

From north of Seattle:
Take the Washington State Ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island, and then drive north on highway 305, across the Agate Pass Bridge. Continue on to the first stop light after the casino (aprox 2 miles +/-) This should be Hostmark St. (Chevron gas station on your right) Turn left on Hostmark. Follow it down the hill and the street curves right onto Front St. Take a left into the parking adjacent to the Marina.

Join us for a weekend of rewarding experiences and connections, almost true sea stories, pictures and movies, as well as unplanned stories from our Westsail owners and advice from our experts, --- and not so experts.

Mark your calendar and save the date, August 24th to August 26th

The more boat owners/crews and wanabees the better.

See you there!


Planning to attend?
To encourage attendance and getting paid-up on dues, we?re offering 2 free WOA mugs to WOA members upon attendance! These are great, WOA tested and approved, thick-walled mugs (to keep coffee hot), and ergonomic shape which just happens to be super-stable on a boat. See pics on prior post by Terry under?for sale? section. Please send a quick RSVP email to the organizer and/or Colleen@westsail.org to let us know you?re planning to make it, and to make sure we count you in. Not current on your dues? Send a check or money order in U.S. funds for $19.99 for 1 year, $34.95 for 2 years (add $10 for paper copies of Windblown) made out to Westsail Owner's Association to:
c/o Terry Shoup
254 East Fern Avenue, Suite 102
Redlands, CA 92373-6071

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