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Thread: "Cape Horn - My New Best Friend"

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Cape Horn - My New Best Friend

Stephen Yoder

We just finished crossing the southern end of the Sea of Cortez from La Paz to Mazatlan, MX. The sea conditions for the last half of the trip were deplorable: large swells, very close together with the occasional even-larger swell. All hitting us either directly un the beam or just aft of the beam. NOT the type of duty my Simrad TP-32 autopilot signed on for. Fortunately, last month in La Paz I had rerigged the lines on my Cape Horn windvane and studied up on how the darn thing works. First day out, I set it up and it steered beautifully. The day I set it up, the winds were light (5-7 knots) and coming from the port quarter. Later in the trip, the winds had piped up to (estimating) 10-15 and were still coming from the quarter. Later, a slight course change put us dead downwind. The Cape Horn steered beautifully through it all. When we were approaching Mazatlan and I finally relieved him of his duties and took over hand-steering, I found out just what a tough job he had. It was real work to keep on course!
Since the Toucana model that was designed for the W32 is built to mount on a boomkin and Siempre Sabado (W28) has no boomkin, I have the Varuna model. Just for the record.

Now that I have the unit up and running, I really wish I'd worked harder on getting it operational before we left the US. That first night out of Newport, OR, when our autopilot wouldn't work, would have been a lot nicer if we hadn't had to hand-steer. From now on, if there's any wind and it's direction is pretty steady, the Simrad is going to be my back-up system, NOT my primary one.
Westsail Steering gear For members this link will show you many variations on steering gear.
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