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Frank Scalfano

Does anyone have an opinion about what the best installation of a radar for a W32 might be? I currently have an ancient non-functional Furuno radome on my mast that I have been considering doing away with for years, but have not done so because of other more pressing projects and the sneaking suspicion that if I removed it, there being so many screw holes in the mast from the bracket, that the structural integrity of the mast would be compromised.

Gary Burton

I installed mine on a post mounted on the boomkin. There were a few reasons why I did it this way...
Installing it on the mast required a lot more work to get the cable to the screen and also the windage issue aloft. Also would be a pain to work on if I ever need to.
I wanted to put it on the backstay with a self leveling mount but those are extremely expansive mounts!
Finally the post on the boomkin keeps it fairly low for the windage issue and is easy to get to if work needs to be done... and the post can double as a wind generator pole. The post from Garhauer marine was very reasonable and they will build custom mounts if you need them.

David Wiencke

We had a non-working mast-mounted radar that chafed the halyards and the staysail leech. Removed it, when after lowering the mast (do-it-yourself method), it got in the way of sliding the mast back on the bow pulpit roller. I think there were 5 SS screws on each side of the mast bracket. I simply put the screws back in the holes.

This spring mounted a new radar and wind generator on a pole on the boomkin.

Frank Scalfano

Thanks for the input. Sounds reasonable to me. I assume that putting the dome aft does not create too many radar artifacts or dead zones. By the way, how did you build that platform on the boomkin? Is it all one piece?


David Wiencke

Radar seems to work just fine back there at 8-9' high. It might be better for distance and visibility in large seas by being higher on the mast, but for all the reasons stated plus the ability to easily service (the pole is hinged at the base) I like it there for now.

The boomkin is factory teak as far as I can tell. I don't think I'll have to worry about replacing it any time soon.

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