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Thread: "Deck Drains"

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Deck Drains

(Unregistered User)

Down the road I'd love to reduce the number of thru-hulls in my boat. One thought I had was to run the deck drains aft to either side of the rudder and above the waterline. Those thru-hulls are currently right below the deck drains and below the waterline. Does everyone else have that setup, or are there other alternatives?

As you can see, I'm loading up the questions to you guys! Thanks in advance for all the replies.

(Unregistered User)


I've seen on some boats where they'll run the drains overboard above the water line. Usually you see a 2 to 1 before going through the hull. That lets you put just a single hole through the hull instead of two. It will need to be big enough to accommodate the volume of the two existing drains together though.

As to your other question, I believe most of us have the two drains below the waterline as described. That was how the factory did it on ours and many others. It isn't so bad as long as you keep the seacocks in working order and make sure your hose clamps are in good shape on a regular basis.


(Unregistered User)


2 years ago I changed the cockpit drains to the location below.

One on each side ... I don't have photos of the rerouting of the drain in the engine compartment but this link is to my photos of the repower done at the same time.

As of this haul out, I have removed all but 3 thru hull's - one for each "sink" and the seawater inlet for the engine.

Hope this helps.

Jay Bietz

(Unregistered User)

I to have the below waterline cockpit drains. (My side deck drains "reworked per Buds kit" exit the boat about 3' above the waterline)

As for the cockpit drains even with the two 1.5" drains it take more than a minute to drain a full cockpit. One should be careful not to extend the drain time to much more than that.

(Unregistered User)

Jay, that's exactly what I'm looking to do. Reduce thru-hulls to 3 and put deck drains above the waterline toward stern. Have you had any issues with your new arrangement?

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