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Thread: "Posting Pictures In A Forum Topic."

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Posting Pictures In A Forum Topic.

Jay Bietz

Here is how you post images to a forum topic.

Here I open my Picasa site and selected the image in a full sized view, right clicked on the image and choose copy then went back to the WOA topic message body and right click and choose paste.

To use your WOA photo Album, from the lower left menu under your login name select View Profile > Member Photo Albums > Select your album to view all the images you have uploaded -- right click on your image and choose copy.

Move to the forum and your topic and while editing in the body of the topice right click and choose paste. When your image is selected in the topic use the corner boxes to resize to fit.

Hint: I found that opening two tabs one to the forum and one to your photo album made it easier to repeat the image posting.

From my WOA photo album of Pygmalion's aft keel, rudder and fin...

Hope this helps.

Last modified: 26 Jun 2011 10:59 AM | Jay Bietz (Administrator)

Dick Mills

What Jay said is correct. However, I think some WOA members are still having trouble. I think their trouble is that COPY/PASTE does not work here in forum posts, unless the COPY source is the WOA member album. Try the more specific procedure below.
My procedure is clunky but it works. This forum software is not very easy to use. My procedure may not be the only one that works. I have a MS Windows machine, I know nothing about Macs.
  1. Make sure you are logged in to westsail.org using your email and password.

  2. Open two browser windows (or two tabs, same thing).

  3. In window 1 navigate to the WOA forum you want to create a post in. Click CREATE TOPIC. The edit pane should open to allow you to type your text.

  4. In window 2, open westsail.org, then click on VIEW PROFILE on the lower left. Your profile page will appear. There you can change your address or other personal information. Click MEMBER PHOTO ALBUMS near the top of the page. There you can click on ADD ALBUM or click on an existing album. You should then see a button UPLOAD PHOTOS. Click on that to upload one or more photos to the WOA site.

  5. Now, still in window 2, looking at your album of photos, choose a photo and double click on the thumbnail it so that it appears large. Right right click on that. A pop up menu appears. Choose COPY IMAGE. (if you would rather put it in your post as thumbnail side, right click on the thumbnail instead .)

  6. Return to window 1, move the cursor to the place in your post where you want the picture to go and press CTRL-C to paste the picture in at that place. I just tried it with the rainbow picture below. (There is no feature to change the size of a photo after paste. Again, the forum software is clunky.)

  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 again for each additional photo.

Last modified: 05 Oct 2011 9:27 AM | Jay Bietz (Administrator)

Gary Burton

Why is the post above cut off on the right? It does not fit in the window and I cant re-size it

Jay Bietz

Gary Burton wrote:Why is the post above cut off on the right? It does not fit in the window and I cant re-size it

When a picture is posted select the image and resize with the corner boxes before posting.

Gary Burton

Jay, I didnt post the picture.....

Jay Bietz

Gary Burton wrote:Jay, I didnt post the picture.....

Right -- I edited Dick's post and resized to fit thinking you were wondering how to resize...

Last modified: 05 Oct 2011 10:09 PM | Jay Bietz (Administrator)

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