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Thread: "Before And After.."

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Before And After..

Gary Burton

Mike, the original article by Dave on how to do this used to on the message board somewhere but I cant find it.
Basically, the hull and rudder is built up so that the gudgeons do not stand proud. The closed cell foam is used to build up and also to make the aperture smaller. After the foam is shaped to the desired shape, class cloth is epoxied over the whole thing to give it some strength. The hull and rudder remain unchanged under the foam.
What is eliminated is any forward facing obstruction that will cause resistance to the water.

Gary Burton

I found it! here is a link:

Gary Burton

Spot the difference?


Last modified: 21 Jun 2011 11:14 PM | Gary Burton

Mike and Jenny McDiarmid

Gary, I see you faired out the rudder. Did you use foam / fiberglass or ?? Looks great.


Gary Burton

You got it Mike! I was lucky enough to have Dave King do the work, he used divinycell closed cell foam, five minute epoxy to hold the foam in place initially, glass cloth and west system to finish it off. The aperture is at least 1/3 smaller and a maxprop replaced the original 3 blade fixed prop. Exciting times!!

Dick Mills

What size Max Prop is that, 14" or 16"?
I use a 14" Max Prop. Recently, Stanley at Beta told me that's too small, and that I should have a 16" prop.

Gary Burton

It is a 16" prop Dick. No wonder your setting is different.

Gary Burton

Just a follow up on this, at lower wind speeds the boat is noticeably faster, the difference is very noticeable.
The boat accelerates faster and glides much faster and further than before when there is no power. The first few dockings were an eye opener.

I would sincerely recommend this mod for the W32. Its well worth the effort.

Mike McCoy

Are there any step by step 'how to' instructions available for this mod?

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