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Thread: "Pac North West Rondy Planning Is Underway."

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Pac North West Rondy Planning Is Underway.

Jay Bietz

Yes I am going a second season for the westsail rhondy. I am wanting to move the event here in the NW up another week this year as most Westsails heading south leave by mid august. Traditionally we had the rhondy on labor day, I moved it up one week this last year but, All the fully rigged boats were already gone with the rest of us left behind.
I think it is very important to be timely and give the boats heading on their world cruise to "show off" their efforts. It becomes important to start advertising early. I will start working on a program. It will be in Anacortes mid august and i expect a large attendance.

Bruce Durrant
W42 SV Aku Aku

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Bruce Durrant

I Need to know of anybody leaving the Pac. NW and heading south that would like to attend the NW Rhondy as I need to set the date very soon! Or if you know of somebody have the contact me.
The Rhondy will be at Anacortes Cap Sante Boat haven as last year.
Bruce Durrant
SV AkuAku W42

Bud Taplin

Bruce, Since you are organizing the rendezvous, you should set the date that is convenient with your plans and schedule. The boats owners need to adjust their schedules around your choice.

If someone cannot make it, then they can organize it next year whenever and wherever they want to hold it. That has always been the policy regarding rendezvous.

I'll be there, hopefully.

Robert McQueen


I may be able to make it this year, no deployments that I know of. I'll just need to know the dates so I can put in for some leave since the Army still owns me for a few more years.


Jay Bietz

Hi Jay
The 2011 Westsail Rhondy will be Aug 19-21 at Anacortes Cap Sante Boat Haven more to come.

Bruce Durrant
W42 SV Aku Aku

Jay Bietz

Thanks for the details Bruce. I've posted your event here.


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