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Thread: "Westsail In A Charter Fleet?"

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Westsail In A Charter Fleet?

Hi Everyone,

My lady and I are looking at several boats for long term cruising. Everything we read seems to point us back to the westsail 32. I would really like a chance to bareboat one of these vessels. Does anyone know if anyone anywhere charters a westsail? Any info pointing us in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,



The only Westsail charter opportunity I've heard of is this guy that has a Westsail 28 and who is currently down around the San Blas islands / Panama. He has a website called www.projectbluesphere.com But, since he also lives on the boat, it's not a bareboat charter.

That doesn't mean that there are not any others, but that's just the only one I've heard about.

Though, you might want to look under the Member's Sites link at the top of the page. The first member site is for a boat that is for sale in the Mediterrainian and I could swear that they mentioned that it could be chartered too (I could be wrong about that).

Yep - there sure is... in Kona, the big Island of Hawaii. Here is the Website: http://www.sailkona.com/index.html

If you check them out - please let us know how it goes,

David Mosbach
Dove of Seattle #673

Bud Taplin

I personally know Mike Karlson on W32 Honu in HI, and he is a good guy, and the boat is in excellent condition. I was aboard a few years ago while doing an engine repower on another W32 at the same marina.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I've contacted Mike about chartering Honu. Can't wait. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.

Well, Mike is willing to charter Honu for day and sunset sails, but no bareboat possibilities. Not exactly what I am looking for. I still really appreciate the feedback, but am really looking for a charter operation or owner who would be willing to charter for bareboat for a week +. Thanks again,



It has been a while since anyone posted to this thread, so I was wondering if anyone knew of opportunities to charter, or just swap sailing opportunities between owners. I am particularly interested in the central gulf coast. If any other owner is interested in cruising the Tennessee River, that is where I am. See Rock City from a boat!


I have never heard of a W32 available for bareboat charter and looked for a year or so.
Good luck in your search, though. Just wanted you to know how it went for me.



I guess Rock City is not a big draw among sailors;-) I have talked and emailed with a few Westsailors around Mobile and Panama City, and I know of a few boats around whose owners I have not yet contacted. I would be interested in any opportunity to sail in salt water, really. I may just have to sail my boat down the TennTom to Mobile. Having the 10-14 days that would take off from work and having to drive 6 hours to go to the boat is a drag, though.


Hey Frank,
I think most of us just do the research, take the plunge/pay the dues/admission to the club and take our chances with the boat. I'll tell you one thing, as far comfort goes, and security, does not seem to me like I could ask more than I have from my W32. It is my impression that most of us just had to buy without sailing one. Good luck.

Aaron Norlund


If you're ever in SW Florida (Charlotte Harbor area), get in touch. I'll take you sailing

Aaron N.



Thanks. I may take you up on that. It would be nice if a Rendezvous could be organized on the Gulf somewhere. I know there have been attempts by others. I would be interested in attending, although I don't think I would be able to bring my boat.


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