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Thread: "New Orleans"

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New Orleans


Thoughts go out to the people (and animals) in New Orleans.

When Mike M. was prepping to head out cruising, I remember he had to dodge a hurricane aiming for that area... then, after he headed for South America, he dodged another one at Isla Mujeres... I was starting to wonder if he had a good sense of timing or bad... but seeing the effects in New Orleans, I can say I'm glad, at least, that Mike's out of there living the dream. Hope all your friends and property are well my friend.



I thought the same thing. I guess it's kinda like he won the lottery here.

Go mike


Indeed... I too wondered that leaving even in early June might have been too `late` and my close brushes with Arlene, Cindy & Emily seemed to confirm it.

But even so I`m really glad my boat wasn`t in its normal berth in Slidell (N. Lake Poncetrain) for Katrina.

I would really like to know if my car survived though. Can`t seem to get a reply from the guy watching it. Hope that's not a bad omen for either/both of us.

Anyway, I'm still on the Rio Dulce. Just taking care of a few things on the boat I`ve been putting off/ignoring. Actually, despite the heat/humidity (thank god for A/C I've already got a lot done. Once I feel I`ve been 'productive' enough I`m going to reward myself, take a short vacation up into the mountains/interior.


Well Mike,

I don't know if this will help but I posted this on the CSBB... a link to someone's photo album of Slidell... sure are glad you're out of there!

Hey, one of the other CSBB regulars... Jan on s/v Winterlude has her boat down in the Rio Dulce. Ever see a boat with that name around you? I forget what it is... maybe a Passport 37?



Here is a link to satellite imagery of the hurricane areas. Maybe you can find the area where your car was stored to assess the damage.


I finally heard my car was flooded and is probably (or should be) totalled since it was brackish/salt water. Damn... I liked that lil car

I do believe I've heard Winterlude on the morning net. Want me to give them a message?

Right now I'm in Guatemala City. Caught a ride here with someone driving over for 'stuff' as there is hardly any materials/parts/etc. to be had on the Rio Dulce so you gotta go somewhere to find anything. I mean pretty much *anything*. For example, I'm still hunting for a piece of 1/2" SS allthread (to repair my bow roller) but honestly I'm not sure it exists in this country. Point being, if you ever get down this way (and that includes most points inbetween as well) you better make sure you bring everything you need and even THINK you need. Then bring some stuff other people might need. You'll definately be the hero

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