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Thread: "Storage Rack System"

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Storage Rack System

Michael Dougan

Normally, we don't do commercial posts in the message board, but a Westsail owner who developed a storage rack system for his boat, has now started a company to sell them and he has generously offered to sell them to members at a 20% discount. It's an interesting concept, so, what the heck, here is his letter:

My name is Neil Malik and I am the President and Founder of Barrington Marine http://www.sailboatrack.com/

I was also the Owner of "Wanti".,Hull #258 which I sailed from the US to the Azores, Europe and finally Brazil via the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. My company, Barrington Marine, specializes in the design, development, production and marketing of the world's first sailboat rack system. The rack system
allows sailors to utilize the space below the boom but above the deck to carry all sorts of gear. I used the rack very succesfully on my Westsail during my North and South Atlantic crossings.

The rack system does not require any drilling and adapts to any teak or stainless handrails which are found on the majority of sailboats. The rack would accommodate most yachts between 20' and 60' as the crossbar is adjustable both in length and in height.

The rack is extremely useful for a multitude of applications including the use of automotive cargo boxes as modern day sea chests (for fenders, dock lines, spare sails, lifejackets, companionway doors, etc.), solar panels, rigid and inflatable dinghies, kayaks, surfboards, lengthy items (such as poles, oars and gaffs), liferaft canisters,etc.

The rack has been tested in 6 Atlantic gales and 2 squalls. It was used on my Westsail 32 as shown below to carry my rigid dinghy and surfboard

I have just launched my new company with ads placed in Cruising World and Blue Water Sailing for the July, August and September issues. So far response has been positive with growing activity on the web. The Retail price is $549 for a full system.

Since I personally know that the Barrington Marine Sailboat Rack System would be ideal on a Westsail, I would like to know if there was a way we could develop a partnership together between your members and my company. I have some ideas in mind. For example, I would be willing to offer all members a 20% discount off of any rack purchase as well as to throw in a free pair of rack straps. This is a $130 savings fropm the retails price. I?d also
be interested in being a gear sponsor of your site and your newsletter.

Please feel free to contact me directly.



Neil K. Malik
President & Founder
Barrington Marine, Inc.
Barrington, RI USA
Lat N41.74 Lon W71.32
Tel: (617)-233-7161
Tel: (401)-626-4650
Fax: (401) 633-6670
Mobile: (617)-233-7161
e: _barringtonmarine@aol.com_ (mailto:barringtonmarine@aol.com)
web: _www.sailboatrack.com_ (http://www.sailboatrack.com/)
Skype: sailboatrack

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