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Thread: "W32 For Sale In Texas (clear Lake Shores)"

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W32 For Sale In Texas (clear Lake Shores)

Gary and Charlotte Burton

W32 with some hurricane damage. Looks like she lost her bowsprit and rubbed against a piling on the stbd quarter. The owner seems very anxious to sell....

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Sailing Vessel Barnacle, 1974, hull # 162
Volvo 35 hp, 450 hr. since overhaul
New storm main & Yankee
Main sail & cover in very good condition
Head stay, roller furling, & jib torn up
Pulpit is gone
Electric Wench
Water maker
3 solar panals, 1 is broken
Raython radar
2 Furno GPS Navigator 31 & 32
CB Radio
Auto pilot
VHF radio
Yamaha outboard motor for dinghy-banged up
Boat is in the water

Avon dinghy
Electrical system & amp hour monitor
Aries windvane
Lavac toilet- new holding tank-never been used
2- 35 gallon plastic water tanks
2- 35 stainless diesel tanks
2- inline fuel filters
No water ever got inside boat
Screeens for all portholes
new V-birth cushions & covers
Slip is paid up through February
Wooden toe-rail torn up
1 fist size hole in middle of toerail

Edward and Susan Crawford

maybe he sold it to someone else it was located in Cape Coral at the time and they were moving to Tenn he had sailed it through the canal from Cal. if not to bad he should have taken my offer

Gary and Charlotte Burton

His name is Timothy I believe. For $10 000 someone could make money on this boat.

Aaron Norlund

Hey all,

My father happens to be passing through the area and is going to stop and see it tomorrow. I'll let you all know.

Aaron N.

Edward and Susan Crawford

made an offer on this boat he refused 45,000 3 years ago nice boat depending on damage he's English an engineer, his wife hates the boat basicly told me to kiss off never made a counter offer or or heard from after

Gary and Charlotte Burton

Wants $10000 now

Bud Taplin

The boat was sold by the Florida Englishman to an owner in Oklahoma, and moved to Texas. He contacted me after the hurricane, and said the boat was not insured, and he could not afford to make the necessary repairs. I assume that this owner now has it for sale on Craig's list. I was aboard the boat when it was in Florida, and she was well built and in very good condition then.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

I thought this boat went up at auction, yachtie, yachtie, yachtie, etc... Am I mistaken or is this a second W32 destroyed by Hurricane Ike? I was under the impression one W32 was "totalled" by Ike with damage to the stanchions, rub rails, etc..., but no sinking and put up for auction. If they did have an auction, why did it not sell there, as I thought the last bid I saw was $8500 or so?
I'm right here in the area. Would love to help save a storm damaged W32 from Ike.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Apparently, the world price of lead has dropped to about $0.52 cents per pound (from almost twice that a year or so ago, as I seem to recall). So, the salvage value of the storm damaged boat may have to be adjusted downward from what it may have been a year or so ago.

Tom and Dana Stiffler

If you could get this boat for $10,000 and had the time you could either repair it and flip it or part it out for way more than that. Or, you could fix it up and have yourself a beautiful sailboat. I live 125 miles away from it but am in the middle of my own W32 project so I'm out. Has anyone heard yet if it sold?

Bud Taplin

This boat is #162 Barnacle, and is not the same one that was sold that was #398 Scudder. There were quite a few Westsails damaged during hurricane IKE.

Aaron Norlund

Hey all,

May father stopped and saw the boat. Many additional photos can be see at the following link:


We are considering buying the boat to fix and resell for profit to put toward our boat. It's not a question of whether we can make enough to make it worth while, but whether we want to lose the months we'll spend working on Barnacle that we could be putting into Asia Marie.

Aaron N.

Jay Bietz

Price of lead: the last "Treasure Quest" show mentioned that old lead is actually worth $25-30 / lb - seems that old lead has emitted most if it's Alpha particles and is especially valued by the electronic industry. Sooo in 70 years of so our keels will be worth more then the boat...

Aaron -- interesting project for sure and you and yours are very qualified to bring her back to life... how is the engine?

I did see a lot of gel coat work. That would be hardest for me to repair. I've watched an expert at Svendsen's repair the gel coat -- quite a process and he did a nice job painting in a deep scratch in an old hull - matching color etc.

Edward and Susan Crawford

I had thought the same as Aaron buy it at the right price repair,maybe switch some things to my boat, and sell for a profit. but looking at the pics some of the electronics appear to have water damage, the caprail remove & replace, don't think you could repair gelcoat the topside would have to be faired and awlgriped(lots of work involved in that) plus deckwork and bowsprit interior looks lots worse than 3 years ago prob. 20-30 thousand and lots of labor someone with the ability that wants a boat for himself could be worthwhile but to repair sell for a profit I don't think it would go with todays economics

Aaron Norlund


The engine was rebuilt 450hrs ago, but the batteries were flat so my father could start it.


My father and I have decided to pass on the boat. This because we don't want to waste time that could be spent working on our boat. If we were to get Barnacle, I am sure, with it beside our house, we could have it in good shape by the end of the summer. However, our plan was to put our boat beside the house to repaint this summer, and we just don't want to give it up!

I believe, if one could do the work himself, the boat could be brought to good shape with $25k, including purchase and movement. I had several shipping quotes for $2200-2800, going from Texas to SW FL. The topsides need filling and fairing all around, as well as a bit of actual glass work, then a paint job. The rub and caprails need full removed and replaced - a $300 job with Ipe, but a few good man hours. The interior is dirty from sitting since Ike, and but it is nice inside. Remember that flashes make varnish look terrible no matter what, so take the nicks and all with a grain of salt.

Dad didn't see any traces that water got in the boat; the electronics all appeared fine, and there was nothing amiss from what Timothy (the owner) described. Most of the stains and things you see throughout are just dust. The bilge is totally dry.

This boat is optimal for someone who wants a boat that needs work and not much else. It was ready to sail before Ike, and could be made GOOD in two or three months of medium-intensity work, a month if you hustle. I know the photos make it seem more than that, but the boat is mainly cluttered with stuff, making it appear crazy.

That said, it would take a lot of time and acute care to get this boat to bristol condition. There are lots of little things that I would want to change if it were my boat (which will be bristol some day...you wait and see!!), but I know that others aren't necessarily as picky.

Bottom line is; the boat is VERY worth $10,000, or even $20,000, as is. If you want a Westsail, this would be a good one to take the plunge on.

Aaron N.

Edward and Susan Crawford

I read somewhere that on boat projects that if you figure the material costs and the time it takes to do it, then multiply both by 3 you will be close. it seems to work for me most of the time. There a lot of half finished project boats out there because people bit off to much to chew. 10,000 is probably fair 7 or 8 thou better,but only if you are doing it to keep it but 20000 even using your very modest figures it's still 35000+ done Raven is sitting out there with all repairs done(check the sailblog wife hated sailing left the boat in cen amer. and went home after 6 mon he got someone to help sail it back to mex.) for 47,000 and I would bet you could could get it for close to that 35,000 and be sailing tomorrow with a new engine. Thats a deal

Gary and Charlotte Burton

The advantage of a fixer is that you get to build the boat like you want it....and you can pay as you go.
Any boat is going to need work.
There is nothing smart about owning a boat!

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

My $.02 cents. This is the first W32 I have seen listed for sale in Texas, anywhere in Texas, since I started looking about 4 years ago. So, that might factor into the equation for an interested prospective buyer.

Tom and Dana Stiffler

Randy, the Whisper is on the hard in Cove Harbor Rockport Texas now and there are 4 other W32s and a 28 in the yard with her, none currently for sale AFAIK. One particularly nice specimen has been there for 14 years and never in the water! The owner is taking his time building her out and so far doing a very good job. The zen of W32 ownership is a fascinating thing isn't it?

Edward and Susan Crawford

I'm sorry if I offended anyone. As I said it would be a fine project boat if someone wanted to do it for themselves not to sell for a profit. My wife calls me anal about the boat. Remember I made an offer on this boat 3+ years ago and checked it thoughly at that time. Little appears to have been done since that point. The bottom was barrier coated and the electronics installed approx. 5 years prior. If I were to purchase this boat I would haul it strip the bottom, remove the caprail and all fittings including the hausepipes, stanchion posts, portlights and probably the mast(if you are going to do this and hire someone to spray it you my as well do it all at once) Fill the hull deck joint replace the hausepipes with spunglass (see Fluid Motion) repair hull damage sand, sand,sand somemore. Pay someone to spray it after all this work you want it perfect. Then start to replace caprail, varnish, replace every thing you took off. Put cabin back together that you took apart to get to everything. Put new bowsprit stanchions, and lifelines check and/or replace rigging it's stressed and 10 years old(see whisker tang that was ripped through) You will have one of the nicest westsails around, but you still have a 30 year old volvo and 10 year old electronics. Do it all you've got a year in the yard,40 to 50,000 invested,2000 hrs. labor and a great boat worth 55 to 60000. But you've the pride of doing it PRICELESS

Bud Taplin

I keep telling you guys that you snooze, you looze.

Just got off the phone with the newest Westsail owner in Houston, who purchased W32 Barnacle from Craig's list, and needs a new bowsprit, as well as additional information and help. You might send him an email and invite him to join the group, his name is Ron, and email address is lees48@hotmail.com

He is planning to have the boat moved to Galveston in a week or so, and work on her out of the water for a few weeks. However, I am sure the few weeks will turn into more than just a few weeks.

Ralph and Sandra Weiland


Thanks for the heads up. I guess there are two takes on this: (1) Those who hesitate watch opportunities pass them by, and (2) decide in haste, repent at leisure. The right decision is rarely obvious --- only sometimes!



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