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Thread: "W32 Sannyasin For Sale In NY - Rare Gaff-rig Westsail"

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W32 Sannyasin For Sale In NY - Rare Gaff-rig Westsail

Michael Dougan

Sannyasin W32 #479 Rare gaff-rigged Westsail, very traditional throughout. Aries Windvane, Simrad TP30, GPS(2), Loran. Very good condition, lots of spares, sail it away. $45K

See link for more information http://www.greatsoftware.net/Sannyasin or contact Michael at 917-544-1662

at the dock


under sail

John and Helena Almberg

Would love to see that topsail set!

-- John

Aaron Norlund


Do you fly a jib topsail along with your stays'l, jib and tops'l?


Michael Dougan

There is a stay for the jib topsail, and I would fly that if I raised the topsail. If you fly the jib topsail without the topsail up, you risk snapping the topmast.

I haven't flown either one. The topsail requires a line with an eye-splice that loops around the topmast and leads down to the foot of the mast. The sail hanks on to this line. The last time the previous owner had the mast off the boat, he didn't rig that line, and I haven't wanted to try to splice an eye while standing on my tippy toes on top of the spreaders :-)

The topsails would be great in winds below 10kts, but after that, it is too much canvas. Since I rarely go out in less than 10kts, I haven't really felt the need for them. My boats original owner called them "photo sails" as that is about the only time you really need to break them out.

These are the only photos I have of the topsail (taken by the original owner). As far as I know, the jib topsail has never been out of its bag!



Aaron Norlund


Are you planning on leaving the Westsail family, or are you looking to "move-up". This is especially relevant to the site!

Fair leads,
Aaron N.

ps - you're right, it's not as crazy as it seems.

Debbie Maidman and Chris Burger

Hi Mike,

I have a picture of your 32 as my wallpaper on my computer, super pretty vessel. I am right up the Hudson from you in Nyack and if you where so inclined would love to come and see your boat before she sells?


Chris Burger
S/V Moondance

Michael Dougan

Hi Chris,

Sure, you're welcome to come anytime. I'm around most days. Just shoot me an e-mail.

John and Helena Almberg

Mike, I was wondering... is your gaff rig rare, or unique? I haven't seen any others.

Michael Dougan

I haven't seen any others, however, one person who filled out an application for the WOA (but never joined if I recall correctly) said he had a gaff-rig.

My boat's original owner was anchored out on the ICW one night when another gaff-rigged W32 dropped anchor nearby. They had a lot to talk about, I'm sure!

So, I know that there is at least one, possibly two. There is a current member in Europe who has been planning to rig the boat he is refurbishing as a gaff-rig, if he doesn't change his mind and buy Sannyasin!

Once you go gaff... you never go back.

Michael Dougan

I took a cue from Kendall McKibben and filmed a video tour of Sannyasin. Check them out!

Inside Tour

Outside Tour

Have fun!

Michael Dougan

Just giving it a bump :-)

Michael Dougan

Just giving it another bump!

Trev and Ali Curtis

She's beautiful. How does the performance of the gaff-rigg compare to other w32's?

Michael Dougan

Her upwind performance is not quite as good, her tacking angle would be 4 or 5 degrees more than a marconi rigged boat.

On a beam reach, I'd say, about the same, on a broad reach or run, she may have the advantage.

With a gaff main sail, there is more sail area higher up the mast, so, in lighter wind conditions, you have more sail up where the wind is moving faster, than you'll have with a marconi rigged boat.

I've never raised her topsails, though, so, that might improve her upwind characteristics considerably (not to mention adding a lot more sail area).

Gaffs are really comfortable boats to sail, mainly because with their wooden boom and gaff, the main sail doesn't luff very much when coming about or gybing, so, tacks are much less dramatic. Same for raising or lowering sail.

If you are a harbor racer, that likes short-tacking around a tight course, you'll probably prefer the marconi rig, but if you're a long distance cruiser, it's hard to beat a gaff-rigged boat.

Michael Dougan

Just giving her a bump... still on the market!

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