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Thread: "2008 Rendezvous In The Works - August 16th (tentative)"

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2008 Rendezvous In The Works - August 16th (tentative)

Colleen Crystal

Aloha Hawaiian Westsailors!

Got a great call from Capt. Skip Riley,
This year's Hawaii Rendezvous will tentatively be at Hikum Harbor on August 16th, weekend.
More details to follow, although he's promised to lead a hula hoop contest.

For now, you can get in touch with the host at

Best Regards,
WOA Rendezvous Coordinator

Colleen Crystal

The email that works for Skip
is Captskipriley@aol.com
(he also told me capp, but I think he's got his own email wrong as I only got through, and got replies from capt).
Just a heads up.

Norm Rhines

To help skip out, here is an update.

This year is a sail in rendezvous some where around.


Copy This "Lon, Lat" and paste in to the search


If you adjust the zoom and the NOAA slider you can see the location on an arial/ noaa chart ovelay. Cool.

Skip said it will be a potluck dinner on Sat. night 8/23/08

If you have any questions please contact


Aaron Norlund


I've just updated the Hawaii Rendezvous page with this information. I tried to describe the location a bit by looking at the chart, but please check it to make sure I didn't call something by a name it is not known by.

Go to:

Click "Rendezvous", then the star over "Hawaii".

Aaron N.

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