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Post: "Looking For Input B4 Starting A Big Project..."

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rob wilkinson

thanks all for the comments.

i should maybe back water a bit and fill in some detail. this is not my first rodeo. ive had about 25 years of building skills, accumulating tools and equipment, prepping a build site on my property, collecting boat jewelery, marine ply, biax, mat, epoxy etc. all in prep to rescue or build a boat to cruise. im actually new to the westsail hulls however. as a racer i looked down my nose at the canoes for being marina queens and slugs. but the more i researched the 42/43 hull form my prejudices began to fall away and i came to see it had real potential as a reasonably weatherly cruiser. yes it is a big project. with some pride i can say that there is nothing on a build of this size that i cant do, and havent done many times before. keeping focused and organized are the challenges for me, not the build or systems.

yes, ive had my own boat building business for some time so can buy wholesale. im also an excellent scrounge.
yes, i can work at home and avoid marina/yard/storage fees.
no, i wont be living aboard and trying to make the big mods.
and yes, ive already got most of the shiny bits. not to carry through to bristol but enough to get solidly coastal and presentable for the marina, where i can finish the little stuff.

putting an intact W43 aft cockpit section on a W42 was a long shot. it was just one possibility. its more likely ill leave the hull/deck joint intact and make the mods i want from the side decks inward. but im open to ideas. ive never liked the motion of center cockpit boats, it seams muted or damped. im 6'4" so the aft stateroom configuration doesnt really do anything for me. im looking for a hans48-ish aft cockpit.

my practice in the past has been to make reasonable and informed estimates, and then double them. time, money whatever. its served me well with few surprises.

so, thanks for all the input to date and please keep it coming. anyone with a seaworthy w42/43 in so cal id be happy to buy the diesel/pussers/guiness if youll take me for a sail and let me pick your brain for an afternoon.

cheers, rob

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