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Post: "Looking For Input B4 Starting A Big Project..."

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Norm Rhines

Some additional 2 cent comments

What you are looking at is (a hull & deck and is about 15 to 20% of your cost)

It will take 3 to 5 times longer than you guess. (3 to 8 years) this number is inversely proportional to your current plan ie. think you will be faster = you will be in the 8 years+ group.

It will cost 3 times as much as you think. on a W32 expect 75K after buying the hull, not counting labor. I would guess 120K for the 42, and 130K+ converting a 42 to a 43. One thought on a blank sheet, the Corbin 39 aft cockpit layout in a W42 hull would be a really nice one.

I will make a bold statement (In my opinion) if you plan to live aboard during construction you are indeed a dreamer, and also are making a statement that you are not so very smart !! You might ask Eric Orland SP? what he thinks about projects. He is just rebuilding parts on a w28 (1/2 the work of building from scrap.)

The best way to do a dumb thing,
1.) setup a boat building company (wholesale stuff)
2.) Get rid of all other hobbies, girlfriends (Unless they sand), wife (unless they are a saint and can put up with anything).
3.) set up a shop or trailer near the boat (see the excellent web blog on the w42)
4.) if you can use, and have high tech equipment (CNC, laser levels, etc.)
5.) hire a full time wood worker to help out @ 40K/ year they will cut your build time in half (you just have to find a good one that does not drink to much)

lastly: I know it would not happen to you; but assume you broke your legs mid build, what would be the cost to finish it? would you want to? would you still be able to pay for storage? life is finite, so we all need to chose where we spend it. Building a boat is fun, but after about the first year it starts getting really old and you are only 30% of the way done, yes speed falls as time progresses.

And NO it may not be worth it.


Like me, if you are a blinded dreamer, you will still go for it, just try not to loose to much, $$, friends, or loved ones.
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