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To be a little for specific the cost break down is a follows:

150 - 200 to check in and out of panama
100 lines
65/day for each line handler
600 transit fee
850 additional transit fee for extra day
350 Agent fee (optional you can do it yourself)
0 Tires are free on the Pacific side

Hope that helps. I would recommend using an agent but there are plenty of people that don't. I would also advise you to go thru on someone elses boat first as crew. We went through twice before and still had trouble. Watch out for prop wash when entering behind the ships. Make sure they turn off their props before you enter. The adviser can take care of this by calling the pilot on the ship. Also beware of the prop wash from the tugs. I was trown into the wall. Remember you are the captain and he is just an advisor. You are really the one in charge. Just for information the advisors they use for the small boats are part timers. They only do it on their days off for extra money. So beware.

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