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Thread: "Figurehead For W32"

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Figurehead For W32

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Just wondered if putting a small figurehead on a W32 would be okay (the extra weight in that location bothers me). I have had a little 4 pound by weight Polynesian woman bust for awhile and thought I might use her. She'd probably weigh 3 lbs. after cutting for fitting. Alternatively,I might consider buying a custom made one. I think mine is made of Mohagony so a little heavy but durable. If you have any thoughts, ideas, or experience in mounting, I'd appreciate it. Then again, this might be a really bad idea. Thanks for any input in advance.

Tom Crank

I've often considered this myself. If weight is a concern why not use the one you have as a plug to makee a mold then fabricate out of fiberglass? Who knows could be the beginning of a new business venture.

Michael Dougan

Just carry a slightly lighter anchor on the bow roller!

Bud Taplin

A nice busty figurhead will lift your spirits, so it should also lift the bow.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Ha, ha, ha, ha!
Bud, you make me laugh. Seriously, the lady I have is finely blessed in the bustiness department, and has a tobacco pipe in her hair, also. She's from Guam, hardwood, no paint (yet). She weighs 5 pounds and is 12" tall from bust to top of head. A family heirloom from my Sister in law. Thanks. for all. I'm about to get that boat.

Fred K. Cheney

Show us a picture of her!

Bud Taplin

Better lash her on well. She may be attracted to some good looking sailor and decide to seek better cruising grounds.

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