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Don and Margaret Lacoste

Once in a while, I check on Yachtworld to see the Westsails that are currently on the market. By clicking on the photos, I get some great ideas for making changes in my own vessel.

To my surprise yesterday, there were the average number of Westsails for sale BUT seven of them were under contract at the same time!

It was great to see that our vessels are still in demand for those dreaming of the alternative life of sailing and cruising.

Hopefully, some of them will be new WOA members.


Fred K. Cheney

Here's the link...

http://www.yachtworld.com/core/listing/cache/pl_search_results.jsp?cit=true&slim =quick&sm=3&is=false&type=%28Sail%29&man=Westsail&luom=126&fromLength=&toLength= &fromYear=&toYear=&currencyid=100&fromPrice=&toPrice=

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Hi guys, it is interesting. As a prospective buyer watching the market for quite some time, I find it refreshing to see a good percentage of the listed boats under contract. Remember, though, there are something like 800 W32 hulls on the market, so only a tiny fraction of them are offered up for sale at any given time. This is unlike some other makes. It does seem to prove the old adage that boats sell in the Spring time.

Aaron Norlund

And three have been listed as sold in the past few weeks.

I looked at two of the W32s that are under contract now when we were looking for one; nice boats!

Good to see the market is gracious once in a while.

Fair leads,
Aaron N.

Michael Dougan

We have a permanent link to Both the Yachtworld Westsail Search and to Bud's For Sale page listed under the Boats link at the top of the page... just click on boats, then click on one or the other of those links and it will take you right to Westsails for Sale!

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This site is provided as service to Westsail Owners by  Jack Webb (s/v Drifter, Westsail 32, Hull #438)