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Thread: "Ballast"

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Rod Lawson

Hi Bud, I've noticed my W32 #723 sits quite high in the water despite having plenty of gear onboard and full tanks. There is probably too much weight up front in the anchor locker as the bobstay tang is just above the waterline. The aft however could definitely sit much lower (could sit 4" lower in the water) and I was wondering if there is any record of ballast for my W32 and whether it may be too light. The top of the upper rudder gudgeon is well and truly above the water line and compared to other W32's she sits well out of the water and doesn't seem to have that distinctive upward slope from the aft. Mine is one of the first of the newer rounded cabin tops and moulded stanchion bases and I wonder if there was some experimentation with lighter ballast. Maybe I just need to add some more water/fuel tanks in the engine bay. I'd appreciate any info.

Bud Taplin


Looks like you have too much weight forward, and not enough aft. The ballast is cast lead, and should be the correct amount. Move some of your STUFF further aft.

Michael Dougan

Did anyone shift your tankage around? I have my two 35 gallon fuel tanks in the engine compartment, and two 35 gallon water tanks along the center line of the main cabin.

Are your tanks full?

Rod Lawson

Hi Michael. thanks for the post. My tanks are pretty standard albeit one fuel tank in the engine room is not full. I think it's going to take more than a couple hundred kilos though to drop the tail in the water at least 4". I'm thinking of adding more water tanks in the engine room as it's pretty roomy back there. I also have a load of new chain coming so will arrange it so it sits midships.

Dave Kall

When we had our 32 I slid our water tanks back about 6", that helped, made a passageway for the chain to drop down into the bilge (particularly when passagemaking, that helped; and then had someone look at the trim of the boat with both of us in the cockpit and loaded. Then they said we were damn close to our lines.

Michael Dougan

Yea, my chain feeds into the bilge up to about the spot where the water tanks are mounted. I think my boat sits on her lines pretty well.


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