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Thread: "Classic Plastic Regatta - 7"

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Classic Plastic Regatta - 7



calling all sf bay area westsails for this year's plastic classic regatta!

i've signed up to participate this year and would love to see some other west-sailors out there too.

you can find the forms and more info at the Bay View Boat Club site:


aboard w32 tortuga


Hey all,

Just wanted to let you know that for the second year in a row, my westsail 32 "DataBase" took 3rd place in the "Delta Ditch Run" Race from Richmond, CA to Stockton, CA. WE completed the race in a little over 10 hrs. and corrected out to 8:44, which had gotten us third. Interestingly enough the only boats to finish before us were a Catalina 25 and a Melgis 22. There were 9 boats in the cruising division total, so I thought we did well. We always have great fun as we always seem to suprise the field. We were told last year that we were the first Westsail to ever run the race, and would love to see more!!! Anyways, we had fun, and hope you enjoyed knowing that we are not the slowest cruising boats on the planet. Did I mention that I used the boats original main, which happens to be 32 years old?<<grin>>


Hi Paul:
Congratulations on your race results.

Jay Bietz
Pygmalion ws 32 #567 - Alameda

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