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Thread: "USB 'Hocky Puck' GPS Receiver + Laptop"

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USB 'Hocky Puck' GPS Receiver + Laptop

Mike McCoy

I just picked up a USB GPS receiver for $38 on eBay.

It's about the size of a 50 cent piece and plugs into a USB port on your laptop.

It's NMEA 183 compatible so if you have a Nav program (ala MaxSea, Captain, Tsunami, etc.) then Voila! You have a large screen GPS chartplotter.

Very cool

Jay Bietz

Do you have a make and model?

Does it work with Google Earth?

Mike McCoy

Mine is a Holux GR-213. Lots of manufs make them, some (garmin, etc.) more expensive than others but they all do the same thing. Do a eBay search for 'USB GPS Receiver' and sort on lowest price. Or search Google.

Look for ones with the latest SIRF III chip (low power, high sensitivity).

If Google Earth has a GPS device input I'm sure it woould work.

Jay Bietz

Thanks Mike:
I use a Blue Tooth GPS receiver with my PDA/cell phone. Blue Tooth is just to battery intensive for long use w/o 12v supply.

USB would be powered by the computer.

Michael Dougan

Google Maps,

Jay, I've worked a little with the Google API in javascript. I'd imagine that if you could save the lat/lon in any kind of a text file, then a fairly simple script can be used to display it in a Google Map. Let me know if you need details.

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