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Thread: "Scuppers"

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Tom and Barb Koehl

Bud, The maintenance manual discusses replacement spun glass tubes for the W32 scuppers, however my boat (#296) has a simple oval opening in the hull about 3" high and 8" long. Was this design abandoned for some reason? It seems to work well, but is there a problem area I should be aware of? Tom Koehl

Terry Shoup

I was just talking to another guy on my dock today about the fact that the original scuppers seem to be too small in really heavy seas, and I was chatting with him about the possibility of cutting out the old spun brass and enlarging the hole to accommodate just what you have -- damn, small world! I wonder how much trouble I'd be asking for to do something like that?

Gerald Astrella and Cathy Calisch

Tom and Terry,
I think they are too small in even less than really heavy seas. I want to hear more about this. Here is a thought - I saw a custom 32 in Washington state that did not have the standard gunwales. Instead, the hull and deck were flush. There was a long board the full length about 2 or 3 inches off the deck. Looked a lot like a bristol channel cutter.

Dave Kall

FYI, the original two little ones were; well, to small. Then in the later boats WS had enlarged them to the 3" size. On our boat the 3" drained fine. When taking some greeen water over the bow it ran back and exited the boat at the scuppers quite rapidly. I was never disappointed on that size.

Tom and Barb Koehl

Wow,is my boat unique?? It was one of the kits, but it sure looks stock to me. From what you all are saying, I'm not going to touch my scuppers! Thanks for the commentary, guys.

Tom Crank

I replaced my scuppers with an overall fiberglass tube I laid up. I got a bit of guidance from DAve King. Looks good, probably doubles the drainage, won't leak and strong. Only trick is getting the profile right on the outside if you extend the tube out.

Bud Taplin

You might want to consider installing a hawse pipe close to the scupper drains. This would serve a double purpose. It will remove large quantities of water rapidly, and also serve to be used for a spring line when coming into a dock. Mount a 10" cleat on the bulwark near the hawse pipe for the line.

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