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Thread: "Siphon Break , 4-236"

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Siphon Break , 4-236

Adam and Candace Cultraro

Hey Bud,

I had my engine rebuilt six months ago. I just saw some old pics of it and it had a siphon break on the raw water exhaust. The new engine does not have this, only a length of hose. Do the 43s need this or is this engine specific?

Rich Morpurgo

all engines need it if they are below the waterline.

Adam and Candace Cultraro

Well that's the thing. The 4.236 on a 43 is above the waterline by about 10-12". It's right on the cusp of what's acceptable. Just wanting to know what others have done.

Also not sure about the heeled waterline.

Dave Kall

Hate to get in Buds way but this is a biggie. Our 32 had a siphon break and when I had an impellor go bad, before the engine overheaded and there were any other warning signs, exhaust started coming out of the cockpit drain. I shut the engine down and took care of the problem.

I put it back in on the our 42 we're about finished refurbishing and I wouldn't be without one.

Bud Taplin

I agree, there should be a siphon break on the cooling water line between the water leaving the manifold, and entering the exhaust elbow. Take the discharge hose up to deck level, and tee off using a small siphon break hose, preferably hooked into a cockpit drain. That way you will immediately see if there is a problem in the cooling water system, such as the one Dave discovered.

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