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Thread: "4 Questions For Bud"

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4 Questions For Bud

Adam and Candace Cultraro

Hi Bud,


1. In the survey you did for my boat you suggested drilling a drain hole at the base of the mast. How big a hole and how high from the bottom of the step?

2. Just met the guy at the end of my dock who has a 43 as well. He doesn't remember the hull #, but the boat is called Tachyon. He claims to be an original owner (1977). The boat needs alot of work and is kind of run down. What hull # is she?

3. His boat is a tall rig cutter, but has an extra set of chainplates the furthest aft. What are these?

4. The very topmost plate of my compression post where it meets the fiberglass coachroof is approx 6" x 4". I noticed in a picture of Niniwahuni (Ted's 43) that his plate is much bigger, maybe 24" x 16" . Which is normal and adequate? Incidentally, mine was installed so the stainless was bolted through the ash headliner. Termites got into the ash, and the whole mess compressed that half inch. The manual explicitly told them to cut away the ash where the compression post was but they didn't do it.



Bud Taplin

1. A 1/4" or 3/8" hole is fine. Just enough to let out excessive water, and permit air to enter and dry out any small amounts of moisture. Run a wire into the hole periodically to keep it cleaned out.
2. Tachyon is #15 - WSSK3 015 0876
3. The tall rig cutter has intermediate shrouds coming down to a fourth chainplate from the intersection of the staysail stay on the mast.
4.You have the factory standard size plate on the top of the support post. Ted installed a larger plate himself when he replaced the tabernacle mast with a fixed one. You are right, no headliner material should have been between the plate and the underside fiberglass of the cabintop.

Adam and Candace Cultraro

Hi Bud, I don't have these aftmost chainplates. I have running backs. And it is a tall rig....does all that jive?

Thanks for the answers!


Bud Taplin

Adam, For the tall rig W43 or W42, it would be better to have permanent intermediates with the additional chainplate. It might limit the boom movement slightly, but would keep the mast in column better, and permit a tighter staysail stay for better performance. Use vinyl covered wire on the intermediates to minimize chafe on the mainsail when letting the boom way out. You can still use the running backs for any very extreme conditions.
I enjoyed reading your posts regarding yacht brokers, and agree with your observations and advice.

Adam and Candace Cultraro

Hi Bud,

Interesting. Maybe when I rehab the mast I'll put those stays on. I run her mainly as a sloop right now....socal light airs.

Thanks for your advice and kind words.


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