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Thread: "Hull 429"

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Hull 429

In 1975, we bought Westsail 32 hull #429 and named her Nordlander.

We have her original bill of sale and pictures of her being delivered, and we can supply a history of her first 5 years.

We documented her: #570176.

We'd love to know where our dear Norlander is. The standing joke is that we traded her in for a kid and a house. The kid's now 25. We no longer live in the same house. And I'm cleaning my basement and attic.

I have a wooden "Westsail 32" plaque that I will give to the owner of hull 429. Or to anyone with information about her.

I was so happy to find this website. Westsail owners are wonderful.

Bud Taplin


This Bud Taplin, the keeper of the flame regarding Westsail boats. The last known owner of W32 #429 Norlander that I have on my list of Westsail owners is Prokic Zoran, 232 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10016. I believe that he sailed the boat over to Europe, and may have sold her there.

Sorry I cannot give you any further update, but you might try sending a letter to that address.

I would be happy to hold onto any items you have of the boat, in the event someone does contact me about being the current owner.

You can always contact me at btaplin@westsail.com

Bud Taplin

Does anyone know the whereabouts of INFINI, W43--
hull #110, Doc. #615645. We were the original owners--took delivery 12/79. We sold her to Chris Cogashall(sp)around 1993. Last heard from Chris a couple years later when INFINI was somewhere near
Indonesia, then lost contact.
Bud, if you read this I'm sure you will remember surveying her. Just interested in knowing how INFINI is doing.
Bob & Marti Mott

Bob Mott,

According to Coast Guard records this Westsail was previously owned by LAURA C KRAMER and is now owned by MICHAEL H BEILAN in NEW PORT RICHEY, FL. Point your browser to http://www.st.nmfs.gov/st1/CoastGuard/VesselByID.html and you can do the lookup and get the full address of Michael Beilan. The vessel's name is still INFINI.

I will email you directly with this link.
George Shaunfield

Bud Taplin


W43 #49 (not #110) INFINI is currently ownerd by Michael Beilan of New Port Richie, FL. He put on a Westsail rendezvous a few years back in FL. I have an address and phone number for him if you contact me at btaplin@westsail.com

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