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Thread: "Portlight Polishing"

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Portlight Polishing

Adam and Candace Cultraro

Hi Bud,

I have the portlights out on 43#44. I was wondering whether you'd reccommend having them chromed or polished to a high luster and then lacquered. I want something really nice.

No, I don't want to let them go green ;-)

Bud Taplin

Adam, I know of a very good and reasonable priced polisher here in Huntington Beach. I use him for chainplates and any other parts I need polished to a bright finish. California Polishing, Steve 714-895-7786
Chroming would be very, very, very expensive.

Adam and Candace Cultraro

The part I'm worried about is the lacquering....will it last? I want them bright for quite a while.

I was quoted 45-50 per port for chrome...

Rich Morpurgo

I powder coated clear the bronze rings on my bulkhead compasses. It still looks new after about 4 years. Cost about 20 bucks. You might check it out.

I am a fan of green bronze though


Adam and Candace Cultraro

Powder coated clear?

I've never heard of it...tell me more...



Couple years ago in sailing world (I think) I read an article. It was about big classic yacht renovation. They send all bronze parts to company in Germany to put titanium nitride coating. It stays bright forever, and has gold or polished bronze appearance. I think is much more appropriate (than chrome)for classic boat like westsail. These days there are plenty companies they can put this coating here, in US. Only concern is price. If anyone have some info please share )

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