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Thread: "I Met George And Randy "

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I Met George And Randy


Last week I met George and his new to him 28. He is working hard to get her in the water. He is doing the work of 2.This week I met Randy. He had not been aboard a Westsail and he needed to see if he could "fit". He really is a big ole guy people but he fit easily! He is a really nice guy and has the bug for a boat really bad. Thanks for lunch and the pecans, Randy. I hope in the spring the gulf coast Westsailer's can have a meet. Ken on Satori #223


Thanks for the email and kind words. Sorry I did not get back to you sooner, but we did speak on the phone recently and I neglected to check this portion of the WOA cite. It was great meeting you and checking out your boat. Would still like to get you and Debra out for that breakfast, but things are absolutely crazy around here the ten days before my kids get in for Christmas. Have to work, mostly pushing paper. See you soon.


There are 3 Westsail 32s in Watergate around pier 7. No doubt there are several more there. I have only meet the owner of one of them. I have seen Ken in person only once, but we have talked on the phone numerous times. He has made several helpful suggestions as I am slowly doing the other work on my W28. It is good to benefit from the experience of others.


Hi, George,
Thanks for the message. Funny, just last week i went to Watergate and dropped "want to buy" cards on the three WS 32s. No luck. Found another on the hard not for sale on 518 or whatever it is, and another one in the water on Nasa 1 across from Clear Lake Yachts, also not for sale. So, at least there are some around.
How did you make out with moving your boat up to your house? I sure hope it went well and no incidents. I was worried for you as it sounds like quite an undertaking.


Well, there you go.
Two years ago I started the search for my W32 in earnest. Thanks to this association and website, I met Ken and Debra (former owners of my boat) and got chatty with George, too.
Now, George and I are plotting to bring Satori around on her maiden-after-major-refit voyage, including some 40 miles on the Gulf of Mexico.
Thanks to all for the wonderful organization.

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