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Thread: "Trying To Locate Owner"

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Trying To Locate Owner

Debbie Maidman and Chris Burger

Hello Bud,

The serial number of our W32 is WSSK06410976, would it be possible to find out who the original owner was and maybe his last known address. Our boat was purchased from an IRS tax auction in Rhode Island and rumor has it that the original owner was there, think he still had strong feelings for the vessel and I would like to try and track him down.

Best Regards,

Chris Burger

Norm Rhines

Good day Debb and Chris:

I am not sure on the tracking him down. I would assume asking him about her or showing off you new boat would be allot like asking about someone?s ex-wife, and her habits or how she looks now, considering some one took her away. (IRS MAN)

So please go gentility so as not to let your eagerness surpass your tact.

Peter Sherman

Well put Norm

Bud Taplin

Chris, My records show that you are the fifth owner. The boat was formerly named Moonshadow. The first owner I have on my list is Howard Cosgrove, the second a Mr. Sjosten, the third Tom Petrone from St. Thomas, USVI, and the fourth Mike Cesaro from RI. Mike is the only one I still have an address on, but since you purchased the boat from him, you have probably already talked to him about the history of the boat.

Michael Dougan

Does she have a red and white stripped genny? If so, I might have a little more information.

Debbie Maidman and Chris Burger

Thanks Bud, for the background. The boat was extremely well built by the original folks who had her, and we are taking the time and energy to restore her.

Thanks Mike, but no...if she did at one point, she doesn't now!

Mick Swain

Hi Bud--What do you know about Westsail 32 Escargot ( Manchester, Mass)--no hull numbers, so I guess a fairly early boat.I am probably making an offer and wondered what it would take to have you do a survey at some point.Thanks, Mick Swain

Bud Taplin

Mick, I have two W32's on my list with the name Escargot. One is #227 in FL. The other is in MA, however the owner has told me that she could not find a hull number marked on the boat, and that it was a kit boat. She was either completing the construction, or doing a restoration, since I did sell her a few parts and she asked advice about some installations.
I did a survey on #227 in FL, but have not seen the one in MA.

Bill and Jane Shaw

Information on previous owners and previous boat names can sometimes be found at:

This is the official USCG database.
For example, it shows that Moondance was named Moonshadow, and before that it was Mystic Lady, with the last three owners being MICHAEL CESARO, EDWARD THOMAS PETRONE, and JAMES P LAWLESS.

Debbie Maidman and Chris Burger

Thanks all for trying to help us with finding past owners. As our vessel was a kit I was attemting to talk with the individual who did the beautiful work on this boat to see if he would maybe shed some light on a couple of things. Even with the names provided I have not been able to find him.

Best Regards


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