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Thread: "Ask Bud"

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Ask Bud

Gerald Astrella and Cathy Calisch

Hello Bud,
"Glorious" seem to have a bit of clunk in the rudder. It is most notable when under Monitor steering or motoring. How do I know when it is time to renew pintals and gudgeons? I understand you have plans for the old style stainless ones. I suppose I better get a set of those. By the way my renewed teak deck is so nice. I love that caulk! Thanks for the support on that one.

Bud Taplin

Gerald, Since you have the original stainless steel pintals and gudgeons, you should check them when you haul next. You might just have to insert a thin piece of teflon material setween the pins and the tubes. That is the easiest fix for wear on the assembly. Making new ones gets pricey.

Rod Lawson

Hi Bud, my rudder also has a bit of movement in it. It is the later model fibreglass model and the movement is up and down. For example if I push directly vertical on the tiller it will push the rudder down about 1/2 - 1 inch. Then when I release the downward pressure the rudder floats back up. Could you please advise what this movement is and a suitable remedy. sincere thanks.

Bud Taplin

Rod, You are missing the washers that should be on either side of one of the gudgeons. Cut some 1-3/8" ID x 2-3/8" OD washers from any kind of plastic material. Make a sawcut across one side to be able to twist the washer to get it over the 1-1/4" OD pintal. This way you can put on the washers underwater without removing a pintal. You can put them on the underside between the gudgeon and the rudder cutout, since the rudder floats up anyway. You could also wait for a haulout, but you would have to remove all three pintal pins to be able to get some washers on.

Rod Lawson

As usual Bud, you have all the answers. Thanks so much for the reply.

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