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Thread: "Standing Rigging ?"

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Standing Rigging ?

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

I am seeing boats for sale, but mostly with standing rigging over 10 yrs. old. For ocean passage work, say So. Pacific, and beyond, what would I want to replace of standing rigging? I've decided I can't improve on the original so I'll probably be going with your parts. I am thinking swaged ends and bronze turnbuckles. I have the prices from the manual, but what should be replaced, bobstay to boomkin, assuming both of those items are passable? Do you recommend turnbuckles at the top of the shrouds, etc. also? Thanks.
Randy Kocurek

Bud Taplin

Randy, You should only consider replacing any shrouds that show starting of cracks on the swage fittings, or any obviously broken strands. My experience has been that even some rigging over 20 years old has not shown the start of cracks on the swages. Attribute that to the proper swaging machine. The rigging shop I use has the same machine that was used to swage most of the original rigging back in the 1970's. It would probably be a good idea to replace the bobstay and boomkin stays, as the lower ends of those are immersed in salt water much of the time while under way. I do prefer swaged eye ends, and chrome bronze turnbuckle bodies, with stainless toggle ends. Seem to last the longest, and are always easily adjusted, without the galling problem associated with stainless center barrels. No reason for turnbuckles at the top, as you could not easily adjust them, and besides, there is no need for them.

Randell 'Randy' Kocurek

Thanks for the prompt reply and good tips. I'll look forward to working with you. Like I said, I've decided there is no way to improve on the original rigging. What a relief!

Debbie Maidman and Chris Burger


The serial number or our W32 is WSSK06410976, is there any way to find out who the original owner was?

Best Regards,

Chris Burger

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