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Thread: "Westsail 42 Midships Cleat"

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Westsail 42 Midships Cleat

Richard and Penny Beesley

Our Westsail 42 #111 does not have a miships cleat, making docking a challenge on occassion. If I were to add a midships cleat to the top of the caprail, is lag screwing it sufficient or are bolts and nuts with large washers or backing plates preferred? When placing the cleat, how do I avoid any deck to hull hardware? Thanks

Terry Shoup

Have you tried a cleat attached to the jib/genoa track? I know West sells them, and they seem to work just fine on my friend's boat.

Richard and Penny Beesley

Unfortunately my jib track starts at the forward portion of the center cockpit, and goes aft from there. Not an ideal postion for the track, and too far aft for an effective forward or aft spring line. To get a good jib shape I rig a snatch block to the aft chainplate, which is too far forward. If I can add a miships cleat, I can attach the snatch block to it, thus killing two birds with one stone.

Bud Taplin

Richard. Bad idea to attach a mooring cleat to the caprail, or even worse, to the genoa track. Best to attach the cleat to the deck bulwark. Use a piece of 3/8" aluminum as a backing plate, and drill and tap the four holes in it to match the cleat mounting bolts. Spot the cleat where you want it, and drill the four mounting holes. Put some 5200 caulking on the backing plate, and bolt the cleat to it. In the future, you can always remove the cleat to re-caulk under it, and the backing plate will always be there. If you cannot reach up into the bulwarks to mount the backing plate, remove the midships hawse pipe, and go through that hole to fit the backing plate.

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