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Thread: "I Just Saw Something Pretty Nice"

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I Just Saw Something Pretty Nice

Mike McCoy

A couple boats down from me is a custom '47 Tayana. Nice boat but what caught my eye was a small, *portable* ice machine they had as a backup to their freezer.

The couple that has it has always been the supplier for all our ice needs around the pool, horseshoes, potlucks, whatever. Now I know how he does it. He says he would'nt be without one.

Basically, no water connection/plumbing/drain required (but you can if you want), 110v (draws 200w so a cheap inverter would work on the hook), puts out 35 lbs ice in 24 hrs (one tray every 12 min), is 15" H x 14" W x 17" D. Best part is I see them on eBay for oh... $100'sh.

Here's the company that makes them (click on refrieration on lower right):


The 'SNO' units are OEM'd by lots of different companies so there's lots of competition (and thus low pricing). Shop around.

I'm definately picking one up. I just gotta figure out how to get it here and where I'm going to put it. I'm thinking a stbd pilot berth (which is used for stowage anyway).

Rich Morpurgo

480 amps at 12 volts with inverter loss would be 5 or 600 amps a day of 12 volts. Thats alot if you aren't tied to a dock.


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