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Thread: "Perkins 4-108 Installation"

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Perkins 4-108 Installation

Danny Rummans

Bud, I am repowering hull #730 (Flaps up) with a perkins 4-108. I need the engine mounting brackets and the shock mounts to continue the process. I have a full engine room liner. The engine I am installing came from a completely different brand of boat. I am sure the brackets that bolt onto the engine to install it in the westsail full engine room liner, are unique to westsail. I have a repair manual, but it only lists the brackets fo the MD3. HELP PLEASE

Bud Taplin

Danny, I will check to see if I have a drawing of the brackets used by Westsail for the Perkins engine. It also depends on the make of transmission you have. The originals had a Borg Warner 71 or 72 series transmission, and the rear brackets were mounted on the transmission, about 6" higher than the front brackets. If you have a different transmission, then the rear brackets are probably bolted to the engine itself, just like the front brackets, and on the same level.

Bud Taplin

Danny, I checked my files, and I do not have a drawing of the brackets used on the Perkins engine with the Borg Warner transmission. The engine must have come with the brackets attached. Try Trans Atlantic Diesel in White Marsh, VA, a Perkins distributor, to see if they have the brackets.

James & Jacqueline Best

I have just purchased a Westsail 32. I need a new prop. The engine is a Perkins 4108 (50 hp) & a Borg Warner Velvet Drive. What would be a good replacement prop for this boat?

Bud Taplin

James, A 16" diameter x 13" pitch, right hand three blade prop is the appropriate fixed one to use. A 16" three blade feathering prop is better, but much more expensive. I have both available. Please contact me directly by email at btaplin@westsail.com

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