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Thread: "Blisters"

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Tom and Sandy Hennessy

I have pulled my '78 WS32 # 613 out in La Paz for the hurrcane season (it survived) and there are about 200 small blisters on the bottom. The boat yard down there wants $2,500 to do the work. I want to sail her to Hawaii in the Spring and was wonderring if it would be cheaper there and if it would be ok to do the bottom paint for the trip and not repair the blisters. Or shoudl I just bite the bullet. Any thoughts?

Aaron Norlund


Sorry for your blister problem. Don't be afraid to do the work yourself if you have the tools, time, and a yard that will let you. I've repaired a few blistered boats and though the work is time consuming, it's not difficult and Bud or others could instruct you on how to do it.

Best of luck,
Aaron N.

Norm Rhines

Tom I may have bad news for you

Here in Hawaii the lay days will kill you.
1.) They charge on over all length W32 = 39 ft+/-
2.) They are running from 78.00/day to 82.00/ day
so if you do it your self you have less than one month to do it. pluss you will pay more for materials here.

The haul and launch is not so bad 583 +/- but on a blister repair job drying time is a big plusssssssss.

So if she has been out for a couple of months why not have it done in Mexico (the price is right if you are getting a good job?) and they are stripping the btm complete. + take a look at my skate fin write up in the spring windblown , and Dave Kings write up on fairing the rudder in the Members area. If all done at the same time may not add much to the cost.

In any case the lay at the airport is much cheaper than the lay days in the yard here in wonderful Hawaii.

W32 #564

Lastly if you are going to just sail over why bother with the bottom paint at all, it will save you sanding.

Bud Taplin

Tom, If you are going to do a blister and barrier coat job, make sure the hull is thoroughly dry. Not just a few days out of the water, but at least a month out. If that is the case with your boat now in Mexico, then either do it yourself, or have the yard do it now.

Tom and Sandy Hennessy

thanks Guys, I think I'll have it done in Mexico. Your in put was great.

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