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Thread: "Shipmate Stove Burner"

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Shipmate Stove Burner

McGill (Guest)

My Westsail 32 apperantly has the original turnbuckles on the standing rigging.
One has a crack and I'd like to find a replacement for it, but the lenght appears to be a problem.
It's over 19 inches.
Does anyone know where to get a replacement?

Michael Dougan

Hi McGill,

You posted this under the topic for Shipmate Stove Burner... it might not get much attention here. You might try posting in the Ask Bud topic area... he should be able to help you. Cheers!

Terry Shoup

Still looking for replacement grates for my stove -- any ideas will be warmly received!

Bud Taplin

I have a like new Shipmate 3 burner kerosene stove available for a very good price if anyone prefers a kerosene stove. Contact me at btaplin@westsail.com
The stove can be converted to propane easily, See Page E-4 of my Westsail Service Manual.

Don and Margaret Lacoste


If you properly filter diesel fuel, can it be used in a Shipmate kero stove? Would it produce too much soot?


Bud Taplin

Don, Diesel fuel will produce soot because of the lubricating properties inherent in diesel fuel. You should be able to buy aviation jet fuel (Jet A) at any small airport. It is refined kerosene and will burn well in a kerosene stove.

Aaron Norlund

An RV shop around the corner from our house has a kerosene compatible substitute. Might look around for the same near you.


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