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Thread: "PHRF Raiting For Westsail 32"

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PHRF Raiting For Westsail 32

Terence Singh

Bud, do you have any information on PHRF ratings for the Westail 32. I would like to participate in the Ontario 300 and need a PHRF-LO rating and part of the process is references from other boats rated in other area's.

Terry Singh
SV Liberate, Toronto.

Norm Rhines

Well There is a blurb on the Westsail/PHRF in the Yahoo group.



Terence Singh

Thanks Norm, this will help. I am also looking for the following published dimensions.
P AK Factor

Any IDeas? I have almost every single doccument for my boat including factry bule prints and construction manual. I cannot find this info anywhere!


Norm Rhines

Good day Terry:

I posted some definitions in the file section of the yahoo groups. But as there are so many variations of the W32 (mast mfg, boom length, club or loose footed stay, Rigging Etc. Etc.) you are most likely going to have to have some one measure your boat. This would allow you to get a PHFR for your boat. I am not sure But Bud may have the original factory I, J, P, and E for the standard W32.

I also have the approx numbers for Imagine Hull #564 on my web site. www.imagine.ws/Imagine.html

I hope this helps but I think you are going to need to get measured. Racing is a sticky function and the winner is always cheating so???????..

Bud Taplin

Norm. I have some numbers that were given to me by one of the owners. Not sure how to attach the file to this reply, so I will send it to you by email attachment. If anyone else wants it, contact me directly by email. btaplin@westsail.com

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