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Thread: "LOA Or LOD"

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Fred Barnes (Guest)

Sometimes I see the W32 listed as 32 LOA, Sometimes it is listed as 32 LOD. Which is correct?


It's 32 LOD. Right at 40 feet LOA. When you try to put a W32 into a 32 foot slip, you learn these things. Don't ask how I know.

Ken Schatz

henry@caracolitaW32 (Guest)

When transiting through the Panama canal , overall measurement came to 43 1/2 feet! That included windvane.


We are 43 feet over all also, (windvane)


s/v Jasmine


Right you are! I didn't have the windvane when I measured. I have one now and it's 43 feet!



If you are now measuring 43 ft, do you have to use a 50 ft slip to dock your boats? I'm considering purchase of a Westsail and am curious what the slip fees will be.




My slip is 19 by 48 and accepts up to 44 foot boats. We fit neatly. Next step down is 16 by 38 (34 foot accepted) and we can't fit. Difference in price at our marina is about $80 a month.

Joe Kovacs

The W32 is 32' 'Length Over All'. This is the length from stem to stern of the solid boat. The USCG documentation stuff is definitive about this. Visualize a 785' ship, with a dinky bowsprit to see the spirit of the thing.

The length including bowsprit, boomkin, wind steerer and all is the 'sparred length'.

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