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Thread: "Mainsail Track"

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Mainsail Track

Gerald Astrella and Cathy Calisch

My 1972 W32 (hull #42) has the external type main mast track, square in profile, riveted to the mast. The sail slides are the plastic 7/8" (if I remember right) flat ones. It also has the slideing goose neck on a flat bar track. The problem is that the sail track does not come down low enough to keep all the slides contained when reefing (or stowing). Where can I get a short piece of this track to attach to the mast? It looks like I would have to remove several inches of the flat bar gooseneck track to make this work. Your thoughts please.

Bud Taplin

If you send me a drawing of the track, I may be able to find you a piece. I surveyed the boat in 2003, and noted it was a Sparcraft mast. They are no longer in business, however I may be able to locate a piece of the sailtrack.

Gerald Astrella and Cathy Calisch

Thanks, I will do that soon as I can.

Dave Kall

Gerald, You can contact me, I've replaced my entire track and have it sitting around not knowing what to do with the old. I'm in FL and if you want it you can have it. Bud too, if you want the track let me know. Not sure how to ship the long pieces.

Bud Taplin

Dave, Sorry, but I have so much junk in the garage and storage shed now, that the wife threatens to throw me out along with all my stuff.

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