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Thread: "GROUP BUY: AIS Receivers"

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GROUP BUY: AIS Receivers


Hi - we're the owners of SY Mico Verde (W32). Here's some info on a group buy we've put together with some friends.

This deal will be open for about another week if anyone is interested. You can drop us a line at the boat's email account here: micoverde@gmail.com

Update on the deal -- unit price for group-buy is now $180 (using an American manufacturer now):

This is the first update mail for the AIS receiver group buy.

The good news this week is that thanks to SY Secret O'Life tipping me
off we've now found an American manufacturer that offering us a
receiver (with the exact same features and specs) for a lower unit
price than we'd anticipated.

The new price per unit for this deal is $180. Shipping to the US will
run around $12 and a little more to Canada.

Product info page (SR161):


Package includes the AIS Receiver, a 9-pin serial cable, wiring and connector for 12 volt power, product manual and a bonus CD with digital charts and software for displaying AIS information.

We'll let this group-buy run a little longer this week and then send a
final email with payment details (via PayPal).

SY Mico Verde

PS -- it's possible that if more orders come in this week we may be
able to move the price down a bit so forward this to any friends who
may be interested.

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