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Thread: "New Assymetric Spinnaker"

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New Assymetric Spinnaker

Rich Morpurgo

I got a chance to use our new sail last week. Here we are in light air in the gulf stream off of florida.

This sail has a 44.5 foot luff. I know there was some discussion of this on the board.


Norm Rhines

Looks like your get in some sailing time. Fantastic.

I think the post you are refering to was under buds/ w32 drifter.

The item I originaly presented as a possible issue was the leach being only 31' the 43.8 should have fit or almost fit.

what is the leach on your sail? and where are your turning blocks placed?

Also if you look back to the post in question, I did not state that I do use my drifter in low winds on everything from a reach to a dead down wind. I keep the wind speed across it at less than 8Kts.

It looks like you got a good deal on your sail as it appears like some of the reinforcing patchs are reversed at the tack area (It looks like the cut was corect but the colors are off, luft to foot)
and I know how much they charge for a new sail Ugh! On the other hand if they discounted it then you are a luck man, getting all of the sail for a portion of the price.

In any case May the fair winds continue to blow you way.

Rich Morpurgo

as to where the turning block is, I fit a snatch block to a stern cleat. seemed ok. I don't know the leach length. I will post when I can. I bought the sail used for 450. The guy said he used it 4 times. We used it 4 times this week. It is a quantum Vision V3.


Steve & Vanessa

Hi Rich,

Great looking sail. I wish my asymetrical still looked this good! I see you have a head sail furler. I just installed one myself. Love it. However, it leaves me with a problem. Here's my question:

My halyard is used for the super yank on the furler. I don't have any bails welded to my masthead, so there's no place for a block to install a halyard for my spinnaker. Did you have this problem, and if so, what was your solution.

I'm trying to avoid taking the mast down and having a welder weld a bail on for a block. I was thinking of using a wide "D" shackle with a 1/2" pin to replace the clevis pin to give me a place to install a block. Problem is a screw pin wouldn't work, as it might open. So, that piece of hardware would be difficult to find.

Ideas are appreciated.



Aaron Norlund

Don't know about the situation at the masthead. I do know that you can use a screw-style shackle if you get one with a hole in the thumbscrew and mouse it with wire. A good mousing will not let the pin unscrew.

Aaron N.

Norm Rhines

Good day Steve and Vanessa:

I am not sure How Rich did his, but I attempted flying a drifter 440 Ft sq. and found in about 30 min I HAD SAWED THROUGH 20 % OF THE HALYARD RUNNING OUT THE MAST head (Lucky We were out for a short sail.
I have a head sail furler, and found the best way of addressing the line issue was to use a block on a bail. The Bail I used is a 3/8? bail with 1/4" plate and 6 Bolts (machine screws holding it down) the load is not so great. I purchased it from Sevensons in Alameda Ca and did the install at the mast head (Lost a phone on the way back down, they just don't swim so good). I drilled and tapped the top head plate (1/4" + thick) using an 18v Dewalt power drill and some tapping oil and a tap. (Reverse often when doing AL). After three + years, it seams to still be in good shape. So the bolt on Bail was my solution.

I hope this helps. Not Sure on the shackle as it will rest on the stay and present some issue? On the tack or jib as the block may not want to go around the stay.

Chaff is a terrible thing, So best of luck and keep the rubb on the wax rag not on the lines.

Steve & Vanessa

Great idea Norm! Why didn't I think of that?

Bolt on plate seems to be an excellent solution. Thanks for the idea!

Rich Morpurgo

sorry I have not posted about this, I must have been asleep at the switch.

I got a bail from Bud. it has two holes for 1/4 inch fasteners. I drilled and taped the top of the mast. It was easy. I Then used a block i bought at a surplus store for the halyard. That way it is kept out of the way of everything so there is no chafe. The halyard doesn't even need a winch. I hoist away and tie it off. When I want a flatter luff I use the tack and tighten it on my electric windlass up at the bow. I run the tack thru a d shackle at the top of the fitting on the sprit (probably should be a block) and run it back to the windlass.

It is a fun sail and makes the boat go in light air very well. The photo was taken off of canaveral on an overnite and the only bad thing was I felt we needed to take it down at dark. I was nervous about having to do it at night. It turned out to be the right decision, as we had 25+ knots by 2:00 am.


Bud Taplin

I recommend a simple block and tackle attached to the tack of the sail, with snap shackles on both ends. Similar to a boom vang, but you can use smaller blocks, and 3/8" line. Put a 1/2" D shackle on the forward hole of the bowsprit eyeband in place of the lower pin of the turnbuckle, and attach the lower end of the block and tackle to it, and run the line back to the sampson posts. That way you can easily adjust the tension on the luff of the cruising spinnaker. See Page A-18 of my Westsail Service Manual.

Aaron Norlund


This asymm fit OK even with such a long luff? Do you know the leech/foot measurements?

Aaron N.

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