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Thread: "Hawaiian Rendezous?"

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Hawaiian Rendezous?


I know that there are a few here, But are any of you Hawaiians interested in a Hawaii Rendezous in 2006. I know Oahu has some locations and harbors that could work for this but? In any case IF you are interested post a follow up to this message.

Bud Taplin

Norm, If you want the names and addresses of all of the Westsail owners I have on my list in the Hawaiian Islands, I would be happy to send you the list. I do not have the email addresses though.


Thanks Bud :

And Yes on the list my e-mail is
SO if there are more than two other boats in the area that want to do a Rendezous I could use the list to let every one know about it.


My boat is in Mazatlan now and will head to Hawaii mid april.will watch for a date on proposed rendevous,rondevou,roundeevoo.
Lee w32 Patience


Well It looks like a couple of you may be interested so: The best times for me are, in June (soon) or In Sept after the 5th.
One location that may work out is at KMC in the Keehi lagon.
a second which may work out is here at the Aliwai (maybe a yacht club?)
Lastly I am not opposed to having it at anchor; - Lanai, Molokai or?



My Westsail 32 is moored offshore at Keehi, near the airport. I normally take my summer cruise to the neighbor islands in July or August. That sounds like a bad time for you, though, Norm. Do these rendezvous require the rafting-up of vessels, or can we owners just meet for drinks and a meal? I would suggest La Mariana Sailing Club in Keehi. Pitchers of beer are cheap there, you know!

Is it alright to mention names here? If we act fast, a gent named Bill A., who has already circumnavigated the globe in his W32, is still reachable at Keehi. He is leaving soon for the South Pacific. Also, Skip R., a prominent surveyor owns a W32 at the Ala Wai. He mentioned a rendezvous the other day when I saw him. A fellow named Steve has a W32 moored near mine. Then there is my buddy Boris B., who has his W32 at Keehi Marine Center. He is a merchant mariner and goes to sea for extended periods.

Chip Wheeler
s/v Evangeline


Norm, you can log into the member's area and run the electronic member's roster. That will list member's by the state that they live in. That will give you any member's info for those that have registered with a Hawaiian address.

La Mariana's is a great place... one of the last and greatest original Tiki bars, run by one of the last and greatest originals :-)


It looks like there is some interest, so here goes.

I guess the best time to assemble a Rendezvous, is the weekend of June 24th - 25th. My wife is after me to set something up at the Waikiki Yacht club, which we are members. She is also aware that La Mariana Sailing Club has good drinks and is really a neat place!, but the food is not so good. So here is a plan I am thinking of.

1.) Have a get together on Oahu in the Keehi - La Mariana Marina for Lunch
10:00 to 1:00 +/- Tide change
La Mariana Sailing Club for lunch or drinks. (I can check into arrangements)

2.) Have a group sail / predicted log race to the Ala Wai. (crewing at captains options)
Leaving @ 1:00 arriving 3:00 to 6:30 +/- Rising tide
Dinner - at the Harbor house or the yacht club or?? Several places within walking distance. Have those who wish to the stay over night at the yacht club or Ali Wai stay, reserve a spot (I can check into arrangements)

3.) Have a Sunday morning departure. Breakfast at the Harbor Pub
8:30 to 9:00 +/- Rising tide
(The pub has a breakfast special (no Alcohol))

I know this is not the standard fair for the rendezvous and includes a race or at least motoring, but who says we need to stand around on the dock all day. If interested we could have a speaker on Sat night or not? (subject could be Cruising, glass work, rudders, sails, etc.) Any comments?

My husband and I have a WS43 at the Rainbow Bay Marina. Unfortunately, he is currently off island, but I will do my best to recruit a crew to participate, and if not, would at least be thrilled to meet you all for drinks. He will be so bummed to miss this. We have been trying to get to the mainland ones for a couple of years. Maybe we can plan a rendezvous to an outer-island for next year or something?

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