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Thread: "W32 Roller Furling (Harken) "

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W32 Roller Furling (Harken)

Mike McCoy

I'm getting my ducks in a row to add roller furling. I've chosen the Harken furler that Bud recommends only to avoid having to replace my forestay (My forestay has toggle ends and the Harken can accept a Norseman or Sta-Lok stud).

I need to get everything I need ID'd/sorted out before I get it all shipped... it would not do to be in the middle of the install and find I need a stupid toggle, clevis pin, block, etc. Central America is not a good place to be and need such parts.

Does anyone have the Harken Unit 1 installed on their W32? If so, I have a couple questions.

1. did you incorporate a linkplate below the drum (to raise the drum off the bowsprit). If so, what length?

2. Is the Jib Halyard Restrainer block needed? It's an external, add-on 'sheeve block' at the top of the mast to lead the halyard to the top swivel. I believe it's meant to prevent the halyard wrapping around the stay?


We have a Harken installed our Westsail 32 "Funny Girl".

1. No we have no linkplate below the drum, however the pullpit is welded slightly of centre, to starboard and the drum hits the vertical tube to port, this is being remedied as we have just replaced our bowsprit. Our 150% genny was ordered from UK sails at the same time. What a difference it all makes.

2. The professional installer insisted on the add-on "sheeve block" as you call it. He told us of many a problem people have had not being able to store the sail. One thing to remember here, we have 3 halyars that go to the top mast as most do, remember to be careful which one of the halyards you use each year when you re-install your sail. It has to be the one that goes through the sheeve!

This is a bit of a late reply, you will enjoy furler sailing, with this and our electric anchor windlass it leads to much more enjoyment of your boat.


Sorry, meant to mention also. We replaced the forestay at the same time. Consider the cost as a portion of the overall project and of course the safety aspect.

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