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Thread: "GPS + PPC Suggestions"

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GPS + PPC Suggestions

Jay Bietz

I have just started using a Verizon wireless Pocket PC model VX6700 which is running Windows Mobile 5 and would like to purchase the software and hardware to use it as a simple GPS/Chart plotter.

So far I have found and started a 10 day free trial of Memory Map Navigator http://www.memory-map.com/home.htm and the embedded PPC Pocket Navigator seems to work pretty good.

I will need to purchase a GPS receiver and the BTT-338 seems to be recommended by the same site.

I also found the free navigation charts at
seem to work well with the above hardware and software.

I was hoping to get some "real world" input before purchasing the MMN software and the GPS receiver plus land navigation maps.

Is any one else using a Pocket PC w/ Blue Tooth GPS for navigation?

Thanks Mike for the new forum


Jay Bietz

Update to the first message:

I purchased the BT-338 GPS antenna and Memory-Map Navigator - a software package that contains Memory Map Navigator for the PC and Pocket Navigator for the PDA.

After some fiddling with the Blue Tooth communications and turning on in the registry of the 6700 the GPS Setting control, I got the BT-338 to talk together.

Here inside my home (single story wood frame) I regularly get 7 sat's and more sat's outside.

With all the charging wires and attachments needed to secure these devices on a boat, it is clear to me that this solution is NOT for cruising but at best a backup GPS system.

Next trials on the water.


Jay Bietz

While I didn't get to sail with the unit this week -- rain storm through the SF Bay area -- I have used it in the car as I drove through the SF bay area that is included in the charts. Except for the tunnel through Trasure Island (where the trace for some reason extended hundreds of miles to the south east then back to my location when I excited the tunnel) the system as quite accurate in relation to the roads.

The altitude though seems to be unrelable as at sea level I was getting negative elevations at times.

The battery usage on the xv6700 is very poor (less then 7 hours w/o WIFI or BT radio on). I plan on keeping the XV6700 unit plugged into the 12V system most of the time. The BT-338 GPS antenna seemed to last longer.


Jay Bietz

I tried to use my BT-338 (Blue Tooth GPS) as I started sailing this spring but the power adapter/charger circuits have died -- ie the charging light just blinks once when I plug in the 12V or 120V chargers. No warrenty as the one year since purchase has expired by 2 months.

Stay away from the BT-338 -- poor support and it didn't last more then 10 uses 5 of these inside the boat cabin - out of the moisture etc.

I also think the XV6700 screen is just to small for long term use. I do like the memory map software -- pretty good features and US free charts.

Brian Smith

OK, thanks for all the hard-earned 'how not to'advice, Jay-
appreciate it...

Now, anybody want to tell me what they are using out there that really WORKS?! and works well~ rugged, reliable, readable... (affordable?!)

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