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Thread: "Sliding Companionway Hatch"

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Sliding Companionway Hatch

Joseph and Monica Lynch

Are the later W32 models equipped with a sliding companionway hatch? I have determined that I want a slider and have settled on a track design, but can't visualize the hatch itself. I'm am open to the idea of building rather than buying, but feel that the quality would be a touch better if the pros build it. My W32 is a kendall hull with a flush deck. The companionway outer dimensions are roughly 26 inches
Thank you,

Rod Lawson

Hi Joe, I have a 1976 W32 which was one of the first of the new design. I have a few close up photos of the sliding companion way hatch in my "April 2005" journal at www.westsailor.com
Hope this assists.
"El Viajero"

Bud Taplin

A number of owners have made the sliding hatch out of a piece of 1/2" plexiglass, and used the original hatch as a turtle for the plexiglass to slide into. I may have a picture of the design in my stack of boat photos.

Joseph and Monica Lynch

Rod, Bud,
Thank you for your replies, Rod your pictures are helpful, what a meticulous log you keep! I wish I had that kind of discipline. Bud, i would very much like to see any pictures that you might have.

Bud Taplin

I sent you a picture of the plexiglass sliding hatch that I had on file.

Joseph and Monica Lynch

Bud, Thank you for the picture. I've drafted a plan using some of the images that you've all provided, thank you. I will post some pictures as the project gets going.

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