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Thread: "Sound Advice Would Be Much Appreciated..."

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Sound Advice Would Be Much Appreciated...

Daniel Emery (Guest)


My partner and I have been doing the usual daydream of?buy a boat, travel round the world?. We?ve all been there? and many on this site are doing just that

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we?ve fallen for the Westsail. She seems to fit our needs and desires perfectly:

Safe in heavy weather.
Plenty of space for gear.
Pleasing to the eye.

The boat looks like it would be suitable for 2 adults and a child to use as a liveaboard? is this the case?

However, we?re both British and based in London. You can count the number of Westsails in Europe on one hand. To my knowledge, the only one I?ve heard of is in Portugal.

So, how realistic would it be to purchase a Westsail in the US, have a quick shakedown in local waters and then sail it across the Atlantic? Are there any common problem areas we should look out for when looking our for our?perfect Westsail??

Obviously, we need to get a survey done prior to any sale. Can anyone recommend a good surveyor in California, Florida and Boston way?

Also, how does the survey / sale process work in the US? In the UK, you put a deposit down on a boat BEFORE you get a survey. The only way you can get your deposit back is if the surveyor deems the vessel un-seaworthy.

Another question (sorry)? what is the typical?going rate? for a sound Westsail that could do a summer Atlantic crossing without turning your hair grey? Being based in the UK, it?s almost impossible to get a handle on this.

Sorry for the deluge of questions and thanks in advance...

Bud Taplin


Thanks for the email. The Westsail 32 is certainly capable of fulfilling your plans. There are a number of them in Europe, but may not come up for sale very often, or difficult to find the "for sale" listings. It is possible to find a good one here in the US, and sail her across the pond.
There have been many that have had two adults and one or more children aboard, and they have lived aboard and sailed extensively in reasonably good comfort.
Check on some of the boats listed for sale by owners on my website, at www.westsail.com, and you will get a good idea of asking prices versus condition and equipment.
The normal purchase procedure here in the US is to negociate a price, subject to survey and sea trials, and put down a deposit, usually about 10 percent of the price. If either the survey or sea trials is not to your satisfaction, then your deposit is returned, less any direct expenses incurred (such as the haulout, surveyors charges, etc.).
I am available to do surveys on the Westsail boats, and do travel to other parts of the country to do them, based of course, on my schedule and other committments.
If you want to know more about the care and feeding of the Westsail boats, you might want to obtain a copy of my Westsail Service Manual. You can read about it on my website. It is available for $30.00 US, which includes overseas mailing.

Daniel Emery (Guest)

Thanks Bud - I'll drop you an email.

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