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Thread: "Headroom"

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Tim and Toni McCarty

We are looking for a W32. We understand the mold was changed around #625. Does this affect the headroom of the later models? What is the headroom of the earlier boats and/or the headroom of the "newer" models?

Thanks for your help.
Tim & Toni

Terry Shoup

I have hull #197; I'm six-one and I haven't had any problem with head room at all.

Tim and Toni McCarty

Thank you Terry.
I had assumed that all the cabins were about the same having never been aboard. How much clearence do you have? I'm 6'4"

Rod Lawson

I have one of the first of the later models built in 1976. I suspect the headroom could vary slightly depending on the floor level when installed (if not to factory specs) but I have at least 6'2" headroom.

Christie Rowe

Hi Tim,
I'm on hull #91 (1973) and we have 6'5.5" in the galley and 6'4.5" at the compression post. The only person who can't stand up is my 6'7" father. This was a big selling point for my 6'2" boyfriend when we were boat shopping.

Tim and Toni McCarty

Thanks Christie,
Good news, thats just what I was looking for.

We are new to this association and the helpful responses are a pleasant surprise. A support system like this makes the decision to go with a W32 an easy one.

Bud Taplin

The boats made with the last deckmold do have more headroom, as there was more crown put into the cabintop when the mold was made. Many of the earlier boats that went out as kits may have had the cabin sole lowered to give additional headroom. Laminated deckbeams throughout the salon reduce headroom. They look good, but are not needed for structural strength.

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