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Thread: "W32 Drifter"

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W32 Drifter


According to the Westsail manual that came with our boat, the "reacher drifter" sail plans call for the dimensions:
luff 43'2" leach 40'11" foot 31'6"

We have obtained a sail that has a bit longer luff:
luff 44'8" leach 31'10" foot 32'

Would this sail work as a drifter for a W32?

Thank you for your help,
Eva Moresco

Norm Rhines

Good day Eva:
I am almost sure it won't fit
and if it did the leach of 32 ft would lift the clew to high.

I have a drifter which works oh so well, here are her dims
42'-0" x 38'-0" with a 23'-6" foot x 1.5oz
I can't imagine having a longer foot as I am using my gallows for the turning block location.
and it is cut as high as I can go with out pushing this turning block back even further. So I wish you luck but I don't think your proposed sail will fit.

But Best of luck

Bud Taplin

This is a question best posed to a sailmaker, and I do recommend contacting Kern Ferguson regarding it. He has probably made more sails for Westsail boats that any other sailmaker, as well as getting feedback from owners as to performance of the various sails.

Rich Morpurgo

I would suggest that the luff won't be a problem. the only time you need the luff tight is when trying to close reach, and most people use these sails with the apparent wind aft of the beam.

I would say fly it. Also would second that talk to Kern. Don't try to email him. I doesn't work.


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