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Thread: "Forward Bulkhead"

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Forward Bulkhead


I am in the process of removing the forward bulkhead (its rotten) and have found that the sampson posts do not extend all the way to the bottom of the hull. Instead they are only bolted through the 1/2 inch bulkhead (one bolt per post). Is this correct? Or should they somehow be secured to the hull?

Bud Taplin

The sampson posts were not usually fastened to the hull. They normally had two carriage bolts on each post, attaching them to the chain locker bulkhead. It would probably be a good idea to extend them long enough so that they fit tightly onto the hull at the lower end.

Terry Shoup (Guest)

OK, it looks like I'm buying Inalla, hull #197. Any ideas for a good location for a chart plotter? I want to be able to see it and access it from the helm.

Bud Taplin

You could mount it on a swing arm in the companionway opening. The other choice is to install a portlight on the starboard cabin back, with the chart plotter visible through the portight.

Mike McCoy

I happen to be working in the chain locker myself (rewiring bow lights) and noticed my sampson posts didn't extend to the bottom of the locker/hull as well. Further, I noticed they aren't fastened to the chain locker bulkhead as Bud mentions. Instead, mine are carriage bolted through the bowsprit. Ergo, I suspect mine have been replaced at some point. I think I'm going to go back and bolt them to the chain locker bulkhead anyway as Bud suggests. Can't hurt and should be cheap/easy enough.

I just looked at Bud's construction manual for 'Sampson post' but only found plans for the post itself, no info for how they should be fastened/secured. FYI, the 'spec' for posts call for 2.25" X 3.75 X 48" (Mine are 2.5"X 4"x 42"). It doesn't specifically state what type of wood to use (mine are teak) but since it called for 3/8" fir bungs I assume the posts would normally be of fir.

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